The first generation of Audi and MIT's collaboration on a futuristic in-car interface system produced a somewhat creepy, ostensibly friendly, in-car robot. The second generation, previewed in the video below, looks more like the product of a sci-fi movie, aiming to redefine the way we look at navigation systems.

The AIDA 2.0 system adds to the current location-destination-waypoint model with the analysis of driver behavior to identify goals the driver would like to achieve. That means it tries to help you locate food you like when you're hungry, movies you might like to see, or places you might like to shop.

Powered by three-dimensional graphics and a detailed map of the surrounding business, residential, and shopping districts, AIDA 2.0's truly stellar feature is the virtual display: it uses the whole of the car's dashboard and side mirrors to display and relay information. Check out the video to see for yourself.

Like the first-gen AIDA system, this is, for now, just a technology showcase investigating potential ways to innovate such systems for the future.