Dutch navigation specialist TomTom recently held an event where it showcased some of its up-and-coming technology, the highlight of which was the new TomTom Commuter device that has been designed to help take the guesswork out of daily driving.

Most commuters know all the different routes to their daily destinations, and therefore do not believe they need turn-by-turn navigation. However, due to changing traffic conditions, they never know for certain which of their routes is the quickest at any given moment.

This is where TomTom Commuter, which is still in the concept phase, will come in handy.

By monitoring real-time traffic situations across the entire road network, TomTom Commuter will be able to eradicate uncertainty and enable daily drivers to make informed decisions.

The device itself features a small circular screen and mounts to your dash. It provides dynamic estimated time of arrival comparisons at key decision points along the daily commute, informing which roads are best to take if your time is short.

This means that throughout the journey, TomTom Commuter will also constantly update your estimated time of arrival to give you the most accurate estimate.

There’s no word yet when the feature will be available for purchase.