BMW announced today that it will build 55 examples of a reproduction gearbox for the iconic BMW 328.

There aren't many applications for a modern-day copy of a 75-year old gearbox from a BMW 328. There aren't even very many BMW 328s; only 464 were built over its run from 1936-1940.

BMW is offering the 55 gearboxes mostly for the benefit of the vintage racing crowd.

The new (old) gearbox is now being produced through a collaboration between BMW Classic and ZF. ZF, appropriately enough, purchased a division of the original gearbox manufacturer for the 328, Hurth, in the 1990s.

Reproduced from a collection of documents, including drawings in the Eisenach city archives, historical documents of variants and production plans, the gearbox has been certified as authentic by the FIA. BMW did see fit to specify improved materials and an upgraded bearing for the second gear.

BMW didn't release a price quote with the gearbox announcement, but if you can afford to race a 328, you don't really care anyway.

Whether you need this gearbox or not, however, the photo is certainly worth looking at. The 328 isn't too shabby, either.

BMW 328

BMW 328