BMW Real Time Traffic Information

BMW Real Time Traffic Information

Over the weekend we gave you a glimpse of some of the future ConnectedDrive technologies BMW is working on for its future cars, some of which we’ll be seeing much sooner than later.

The automaker has now announced one of these, an upgraded version of its Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) feature designed for cars equipped with the BMW Professional navigation system.

With previous systems, drivers have had to rely on radio-based traffic information channels for information on any jams, accidents or other disruptions.

This format is not always fast or accurate enough to help steer clear of delays ahead.

The solution? The new system provides an alternative to radio traffic updates as the information presented is based on significantly greater sources of data.

It combines TPEG (Transport Protocol Expert Group) with the GSM cellular network. By integrating this data with the SIM card built into the vehicle, traffic information can be transmitted in real time delivering unique dependability and accuracy.

Traffic information is presented on the Navigation map by using a color-coding system indicating how well traffic is flowing. The system provides superior accuracy as road networks can be divided into distances as short as 0.3 of a mile and the information is automatically updated every three minutes allowing the driver to actively monitor whether the traffic situation is improving or worsening.

Furthermore, when the destination guidance is active the system also monitors traffic flow away from the predetermined route to calculate which route is the most time efficient and can actually recommend for or against alternatives. Of course, the driver can still reject the alternative routes if they offer no time saving benefits.

Currently, the upgraded system is only available in Europe but you can bet versions for American BMW owners will be launched soon.