After a hard day at the office, sometimes you just want to jump into your car, switch everything to automatic and waft home using as little effort as possible.

Cruise control is a godsend in these scenarios, taking some of the stress out of highway driving.

We aren't sure it'd be quite so stress free entrusting your car's speed to a new Android app, however.

Speederaser is just such an app, which can be used to control your car's speed in the same manner as an original equipment cruise system. Sounds great, but right now you're probably thinking "So how does that work then? Surely my phone can't sync with my car to that sort of level?".

You'd be right, which is where wire-hacking comes in. If you have the guts for it, Speederaser can only be used by splicing an adapter into the cruise control circuitry found in many modern automobiles.

Whether you'd want to start hunting for wires among the hundreds in a modern car and then start snipping into them is quite another matter, and that's if it even works with your car at all, given the complexity of modern cars. Even so the manufacturer, Cellurl, claims it works with any car made since 1990.

Want more info? You can find it here.

We're with our friends at Motor Authority on this one though. Rather you than us...