Inconsiderate parking? There’s always been a certain kind of driver for that. 

Now there’s an app to out the offender. Android users can download Douche Parking, a new app which enables you to capture shots of poor parking form and post them online.

Hold the phone, people already do that on Craigslist, Facebook and Twitter, right? 

Right, although rants on those sites can either be flagged for removal or quickly forgotten. This app goes a step further from simple venting and adds a sense of vindication. That’s the idea, anyway, because inconsiderate parking “is a huge problem in Russia,” say the app’s creators. explains how it works.

When a Muscovite happens across a qualifying example, he or she whips out the phone to upload a picture to the app. Photo location is matched with an IP address, and live banner ads stream the evidence to internet users in that vicinity--maybe even to the guilty party.

The park of shame lives on, because the ads are then seen on The Village, an online newspaper from Moscow. Readers so inclined can expand the exposure globally by sharing their favorites on various social media sites.

Bad parking may be as problematic in Russia as the developers say. We haven’t tried docking the Family Truckster at Gorky Park recently, so we’ll have to take their word for it.  We suspect it’s less a local thing and more a pandemic; from Moscow, Russia to Moscow, Idaho and points beyond.

Tell us what you think of the the concept. Should it be opened to other phone platforms in more countries, especially ours? Would you use it? And what would you do if you were tagged for your parking performance?