• Parking lot

    A Hong Kong parking spot has just sold for more than what most houses cost in the U.S.

  • Stanley Robotics car parking robots
    Robots park cars at a London airport this summer

    Locals preparing for travel out of London's Gatwick airport may have robots park their cars for them this summer. Auto Express reported last Thursday that the airport will start a three-month trial that tasks robots with parking cars in a specific lot. The goal is to see whether the robots can...

  • Volkswagen testing autonomous parking at German airport
    VW tests automated parking system at German airport

    We've seen a handful of concepts to help alleviate the stress of parking in congested areas, but Volkswagen has taken things a step further. The automaker announced Friday that it will begin trials for an automated parking system at Hamburg Airport in Germany. The concept is exactly what it sounds...

  • Inrix Park may soon make life for urban-dwellers easier
    Parking Your Car Is About To Get A Whole Lot Easier

    If you live, work or play in an urban environment, we’ll bet that “finding parking” is one of the more unpleasant tasks you face on a daily basis. While some larger lots are now providing real-time updates, searching for this info on a smartphone or tablet as you drive isn’t...

  • Hong Kong - image credt: Andrew Turner
    Would You Pay $167,000... For A Parking Space?

    If you had $167,000 to spend, you could buy yourself a brand-new, well-equipped Aston Martin V-8 Vantage Convertible, or perhaps a thoroughly-loaded BMW M6 Convertible. Check all the option boxes on a Porsche Cayenne Turbo, and you’d still have a hard time spending your entire lump sum of...

  • Ronny Wechselberger sets a reverse parallel parking record
    Tightest Parallel Parking In Reverse World Record: Video

    For many drivers, parallel parking a car is the hardest part of passing a driver’s licensing exam. Even licensed drivers often struggle with mastering the art of parallel parking, since these days it’s a little-used skill (in the United States, anyway). German stunt driver Ronny...

  • BMW ParkNow service launches in San Francisco

    San Francisco will be the U.S. launch center for two new urban mobility apps from BMW. City mayor Ed Lee, and Dr. Ian Robinson from BMW, announced the new ParkNow and DriveNow apps at a press conference on Monday. ParkNow is a new parking app developed to ease the pain of parking in congested cities by allowing drivers to reserve and pay for a parking space in advance, guaranteeing them a space at their destination. When it launches in September, ParkNow will allow customers to search for parking using the app or website, pay for and reserve a space, before being directed to the parking...

  • Woman driving
    Town Introduces ‘Easy’ Parking Spots For Women

    The mayor of Triberg, in the south of Germany, has introduced a controversial new set of parking spots in one of his town’s publicly-owned car parks. Only female drivers can use the special parking spots, which are marked by the familiar female gender symbol and said to be...

  • Bumper scuffs attest to the difficulty of parking a car with 15 cm to spare
    MINI's Record Parking Job Wasn't As Easy As It Looked: Video

    Earlier this month, we brought you video of Chinese driver Han Yue breaking the Guinness World Record for the tightest parallel parking job. After beginning with a successful run of 22 centimeters (8.7 inches), Yue kept going until he was able to squeeze his MINI Cooper Chinese Job edition into a...

  • Douche parking
    Offensively Named New Parking App Thinks Globally, Exposes Locally

    Inconsiderate parking? There’s always been a certain kind of driver for that. Now there’s an app to out the offender. Android users can download Douche Parking, a new app which enables you to capture shots of poor parking form and post them online. Hold the phone, people already do that...

  • Han Yue makes parallel parking look easy
    MINI Shows You The Fastest Way To Parallel Park: Video

    Parallel parking is one of the driving skills needed to obtain a driver’s license in most states. Student drivers often spend weeks knocking over cones and garbage cans before perfecting the combination of vehicle positioning and steering angle necessary to produce the desired results. If...

  • New York City skyline
    New York Tops London With A Million Dollar Parking Space

    In London, specifically the trendy and uber-expensive Knightsbridge neighborhood, $849,000 buys you a 350 square foot parking garage, complete with its own overhead door and separate entrance. In Manhattan, a new ultra-luxury condo building in Greenwich Village is asking a mind-warping $1 million...

  • The Rysbrack Street garage offered by WA Ellis. Image: WA Ellis

    The plight of the urban-dweller is generally this: parking in a big city, anywhere in the world, is expensive, risky or both. London, England is no exception to this rule, and a space in a private, underground garage can cost you as much as $405,000. That’s a lot of money to spend, especially when you’re still at the mercy of other space holders. Your vintage Aston Martin DB5 may be priceless to you, but do you really think the champagne-impaired escort climbing out of the Porsche 911 Turbo parked next to you will care about door dings? If you live near Harrods in London, real...

  • Toyota Prius at parking meter
    Beat The Pain Of Parking Tickets With Mobile Apps

    Returning to your car to find its windscreen (dis)graced with a parking ticket ranks among modern life's most frustrating experiences. Whether you parked illegally or not there's always a strong feeling that you didn't really deserve it and that a parking attendant's time would be far better spent...

  • Parking Meter
    Streetline Inks Deal With IBM To Ease America's Parking Woes

    Start-ups aren't just judged by the sums of cash they've collected; they're also judged by the names and reputations of those investors. In the case of Streetline, the company recently upped its profile by landing a major deal with IBM, which could result in big improvements on the parking front...

  • Parking lot
    Technology And Apps Help Take The Pain Out Of Parking

    Along with standing around at a gas station watching your last paycheck click away before your eyes, parking has to be one of motoring's less pleasurable pursuits. Just like filling your car though it's a necessary evil, so in the absence of doing away with it completely, anything that makes it...

  • Aretha Franklin, at Barack Obama's inaguration.
    Aretha Franklin Charms Her Way Out Of NYC Parking Ticket

    The Queen of Soul pulled off the most impressive feat of her storied career on Monday night, when she successfully talked herself out of a parking ticket in Manhattan.

  • Parking lot
    Watchdog Tech Will Catch Dastardly Parking Lot Dingers

    If your car is your pride and joy you'll know the annoyance of returning to it after a shopping trip to find that some imbecile has opened their door onto yours or carelessly parked and left a dent and a scrape. And let's face it, if they're careless enough to ding your door they're hardly going to...

  • Toyota Prius at parking meter

    The good old coin-operated parking meter is a bit of an enigma in the modern automotive world. When virtually everything can now be paid for by cards or even mobile phones, having to fumble around in the ashtray for a few quarters seems a little last-century. Not so for Hungarian motorists, who will soon be able to use a GPS-based parking meter service that should banish the need for emergency loose change once and for all. The system is quite simple. A driver finds a space in their city (Budapest initially, followed by 26 other towns across the country) and parks up. They then press a button...

  • Parking In Motion app
    Parking In Motion Tries Its Hand At Building A Useful Parking App

    If we were app developers, the next-to-last frontier we'd want to conquer -- right after organ donation -- would be parking. By their very nature, cars are constantly in motion, taking and leaving spaces in parking lots, garages, and on city streets. Maintaining an accurate database of available...

  • Parking lot
    Lost Your Car Again? Santa Monica Garage Tech Can Find It

    Even if you're not of a 'certain age', the size of some multi-level parking lots with their dozens of indistinguishable levels and rows of cookie-cut SUVs can prove testing on the old 'gray matter' when it comes to finding the car you left there a few hours previous. Reassuringly you aren't alone...

  • 2010 Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita
    Owning a Koenigsegg or Lambo Doesn't Mean You Can Park At Will

    Ah, supercar owners. The very wealthy amongst us, the ones who drive the toys we crave. Especially through the cities we live in. Even owning a supercar, though, doesn't exempt you from abiding by the laws of the land. Including, ummmmmm, parking regulations. As two London drivers learned the hard...

  • free parking  -  flickr user alancleaver_2000
    Could College Parking Tickets Come Back To Haunt You?

    So responsibility slips a bit, and in the rush to get your term paper finished you forgot to pay the meter, or parked in the wrong place with the wrong parking pass.

  • Miley Cyrus backing her Toyota Prius out of handicapped space at Millions of Milkshakes, Los Angeles
    Miley Cyrus Parks Toyota Prius In Handicapped Space, Gets Milkshake

    Like many of Hollywood's Very Very Very Famous People, Miley Cyrus drives a Toyota Prius. At least some of the time, since we don't know if she's hiding a Paris-Hilton-style Bentley Continental GT in her garage. But as shown on in March, the "Hannah Montana" starlet has clearly parked...

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