GMC Showroom Mobile App for iPhone

GMC Showroom Mobile App for iPhone

According to Nielsen, Americans are finally shifting to smartphones: 38% of mobile users already have one, and the majority of those shopping for new handsets are planning to purchase one in the near future. General Motors is hoping to cash in on that development with its new GMC Showroom App.

Like most sales apps, the GMC Showroom App is free to download. Crack it open, and you can research the full range of GMC rides -- check out pics, skim through videos, and even configure a vehicle to your own specifications. Although the app doesn't allow you to purchase a vehicle via your phone, you can request a quote, find a local dealer, or schedule a test drive.

Although GMC is lagging behind many other auto brands in offering these services via a smartphone app, it's probably better to come late to this party than never. The vast majority of shoppers research purchases online (some do so extensively), and an increasing number of those folks use their smartphones. In fact, according to figures from Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies over half of all consumers say they've used their mobile phones to help with shopping. Translation: GMC and other automakers must offer an engaging mobile experience if they hope to attract customers. 

The GMC Showroom App is currently available for the iPhone through Apple iTunes. Android users, don't fret: the app will be posted to the Android Market by the end of this month.