If there's one thing that spoils the experience of buying a decade-old luxury vehicle at a fraction of its original price, it's the hilariously outdated infotainment and navigation systems they were lumbered with. Infotainment technology has come along so quickly in recent years that OEM systems soon fall way behind. To fix this situation many are turning toward dedicated technology firms like Microsoft, Apple and Google--and Audi is likely to announce a partnership with the latter at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Audi is likely to use Google's Android operating system as the basis for its in car entertainment, navigation and information systems. It would allow the driver and passenger to make use of many of the applications currently compatible with Android-powered smartphones, also ensuring the infotainment systems enjoy the regular updates and improvements that smartphone users are becoming accustomed to. The two companies are said to be working with other technology companies, including Nvidia, on the project.

Google's Android joins several other systems from companies like Apple and Microsoft in the connected car market. Apple's 'iOS in the Car' was introduced last June, with Siri, iMessage and other services all expected to appear in cars using the service--with several automakers already signed up to feature Apple car software.

Audi itself is rapidly expanding in-car technology, and it set to offer high-speed 4G LTE wireless broadband in the new 2015 Audi A3 sedan this Spring--seven times faster than current 3G connectivity. The high-speed broadband will allow fast streaming of detailed maps as part of the navigation system, as well as instant updates from social media accounts, a wireless LAN hotspot for all passengers and even HD video streaming, provided you aren't driving at the time.

The 2014 CES runs from January 6 to 10 in Last Vegas. You can access more of our coverage of the event by clicking here.


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