Eminem in Chrysler's Super Bowl XLV ad

Eminem in Chrysler's Super Bowl XLV ad

Remember our post last week about Audi’s new advertisement for the 2012 A6 Avant featuring a music score very similar to the one in Eminem’s top-selling track ‘Lose Yourself’? Yes, the same track famously used, with permission from the rap star, in Chrysler’s original Imported From Detroit ad for the 200 Sedan, which featured during this year’s Super Bowl.

The last we heard Eminem’s publisher Eight Mile Style was seeking an injunction against Audi in Germany's Hamburg Regional Court. Turns out Eminem, through his publisher, has now filed a cease-and-desist order against Audi, claiming the automaker illegally used the song track for its ad.

What’s strange is that Audi’s ad not only uses a similar music score to Chrysler’s, but the video component also shows the new A6 Avant driving on a quiet night past famous landmarks in Berlin in the same way that Eminem drives the Chrysler 200 in Detroit.

Eight Mile Style filed the order against Audi in a Hamburg regional court this week and is seeking damages along with the cease-and-desist order.

Chrysler, meanwhile, is yet to make any comment as to whether or not it will be taking any action.

You can watch both Audi's and Chrysler's respective ads by clicking here for our previous post.