Police car

  • Florida Highway Patrol Dodge Challenger police car

    The Florida Highway Patrol is using a 2019 Dodge Challenger R/T with the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 to catch speeders.

  • BMW M5 Competition police car for Victoria Highway Patrol
    BMW M5 Competition to chase down baddies in Australia

    Baddies Down Under had better beware because the Victoria Highway Patrol in Australia has added a BMW M5 Competition to its police fleet.

  • 2020 Ford Interceptor Utility Hybrid
    Officers weigh in on 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility

    Police officers weigh in on the new hybrid Ford Interceptor Utility, based on the new 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid

  • Victoria, Australia, Tesla Model X police car
    Tesla Model X joins Australian police fleet

    A Tesla Model X in the state of Victoria is the first electric police car in Australia.

  • 2020 Ford Interceptor Utility Hybrid
    We drove two laps in the new 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid cop car, here's what it's like

    The 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid cop car has enough power to catch the bad guys and incredibly grabby brakes that can throw a perp into a rear-seat barrier.

  • Dodge Durango SRT Pursuit concept
    Dodge built a 797-hp Durango police SUV with the heart of a Hellcat Redeye

    Crims better hope Dodge doesn't get around to putting its latest Durango SRT Pursuit concept into production because this beast of a police cruiser has a 797-horsepower 6.2-liter supercharged V-8 borrowed from a Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye.

  • W Motors Lykan Hypersport police car

    It's been four years since the Abu Dhabi police force added the W Motors Lykan Hypersport to its ranks, but the company didn't want us to forget about it. W Motors published a new video of the police car on Thursday, for seemingly no reason other than to remind us it exists. The Lykan Hypersport was largely vaporware and mostly a fun auto show decoration until it joined the force four years ago. Since then, W Motors has moved onto the Fenyr Supersport. Those unfamiliar with W Motors will likely recognize the Lykan Hypersport from its silver screen role in "Furious 7." The crew from the "Fast...

  • Honda Civic Type R police car for New South Wales, Australia
    Honda Civic Type R earns its stripes, joins Australian police force

    The Australian New South Wales police force has a mighty different police car in its fleet. The department and Honda announced the Civic Type R was recruited to join the force as part of the NSW police's Eyewatch program. The Honda Civic Type R won't be used for actual patrol purposes, according to...

  • 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility
    2020 Ford Explorer cop car revealed: Memorize these headlights

    Speeders and bad guys beware: There's a new cop car in town. On Friday, the covers came off the 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility. Based on the 2020 Ford Explorer, which will make its formal debut next Wednesday, the Police Interceptor brings new technology and better fuel economy to the men and...

  • Dubai police Giath Chevy Tahoe-based police car
    Dubai Police enlist Chevy Tahoe-based Giath SUV

    Yet another toy has joined the Dubai Police Department's garage. But unlike many of the garage's patrol vehicles, this one is not a supercar. It's a Chevy Tahoe. Not just any Tahoe, but what the department calls the "Giath," and it's one of the most advanced police vehicles on the planet, the...

  • 1979 VW Beetle Polizei on Jay Leno's Garage
    Jay Leno cops a look at a 1979 VW Beetle police car

    The automotive guest on this episode of Jay Leno's Garage isn't about speed or performance. It's just fun. "I'm just laughing looking at it. It just makes me smile," Jay Leno exclaims about the 1979 Volkswagen Beetle German police car that pulls into his garage. Unless you're getting pulled over...

  • Armormax armored Dodge Charger Hellcat police vehicle
    Police can now buy an armored AWD Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

    Move over Ford Explorer Interceptors because there's a new sheriff in town. Utah-based Armormax has revealed its latest armored vehicle, and it's none other than the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. First spotted by Carscoops, the Charger SRT Hellcat boasts various armored protection levels depending on...

  • 2020 Ford Explorer spy shots - Image via Tom Poeschel

    Ford is busy readying a new version of the Explorer for the 2020 model year. We already know that the police version will come standard with a hybrid powertrain. We also know that a Sporty ST version is in the works. Now, after a bit of information has leaked out on the Internet, we also know which engines we can expect to find under the hood. Jalopnik caught wind of a leaked Explorer ordering guide that appeared on a model-specific forum. The police version will come with a choice of three powertrains; a 3.3-liter V-6, the 3.3-liter V-6 with hybrid bits, and a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6. Each...

  • 2019 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
    Georgia sheriff in hot water after buying Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

    A county sheriff in Georgia is in hot water after using nearly $70,000 in asset forfeiture funds to purchase a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. Gwinnett county sheriff Butch Conway took delivery of the 707-horsepower sedan and uses the car for transportation to and from work, as well as for field...

  • Italian Police add a Jeep Wrangler to patrol the beaches
    Italian Police prepped for beach patrol with new Jeep Wrangler

    The Italian police know how to fill out their garage. If you were to take a peek in the motor pool, you'd find a Lamborghini Huracán and an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. Those are both great for the streets, but Italy's finest also need a proper ride for patrolling the beaches of the big...

  • Nissan GT-R police car for Tochigi, Japan
    Speeders beware: Nissan GT-R patrol car joins Japanese police force

    Perps in Japan best watch their rearview mirrors. Nissan has donated a new GT-R police car to the Tochigi Prefectural police department. Japanese Nostalgic Car reported last Friday that the GT-R patrol car is a gift to the prefecture of Tochigi, the same area where Nissan builds Godzilla in the...

  • New Ford Police Interceptor
    New 2020 Ford Explorer hybrid SUV teased first as a cop car

    Prepare to start memorizing another set of headlights as the police are getting another vehicle option next year. Ford announced Tuesday that its next-generation Police Interceptor Utility—Ford-speak for "cop car"—will come standard with a hybrid powertrain. With the new police...

  • 2018 Dodge Durango Pursuit and Charger Pursuit police cars
    Durango Pursuit joins Dodge's police fleet offerings

    Police forces looking for extra space in their vehicles now have a new option in the form of the 2018 Dodge Durango Pursuit. Dodge says it was prompted to offer the Durango Pursuit following positive feedback from unofficial testing results conducted by Michigan State Police. The vehicle takes...

  • Florida State Trooper races Lamborghini

    Oh, the irony. We certainly don't condone speeding or racing on public roads, but it's not a civilian's job to enforce laws. That's for the police to do. So, it's interesting to see a new video from NBC2 in Florida that appears to show a Florida State Trooper racing a Lamborghini Aventador. The race appears to be what the kids call "roll racing" on the highway, that is, dropping down to a designated speed and mashing the throttle to see which car pulls away. Here, the state trooper in a Dodge Charger police cruiser lines up with a Lamborghini Aventador on an undisclosed highway. The trooper...

  • Chevrolet Tahoe PPV simulated car chase
    Ride along with the police on a high-speed car chase

    Every wonder what it's like to be in a car chase? I got the simulated chance at the Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex in Fort Worth, Texas. With officer Joe Stinger at the wheel of a Chevrolet Tahoe PPV, we chased a Ford Crown Victoria "rabbit" on a closed course. I sat in the front passenger seat...

  • 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV
    Chevy Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle adds safety tech

    While the police work to keep us safe, automakers are interested in the safety of the officers. General Motors has announced a slate of new safety features for its updated 2018 Chevy Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle, and all of them work together to make daily driving duty a potentially safer task...

  • 2018 Ford Special Services Plug-In Hybrid Sedan
    Ford now offers a plug-in hybrid cop car

    Ford loves a good police vehicle. Earlier this year, Ford showed us the first pursuit-rated Hybrid police vehicle. The Blue Oval also offered the 2018 Expedition for police use. Now Ford is bringing a plug-in hybrid sedan into active duty. It's called the Special Service Plug-In Hybrid Sedan. Based...

  • NYPD shows off its vintage patrol cars - photos by Benjamin Preston
    NYPD shows off its vintage patrol cars

    It’s been years since the New York City Police Department painted its cars with the classic black and green livery, but the memory is still alive among a few. The NYPD museum, housed for now on Governor’s Island in New York Harbor, hosted a car show last week featuring many of the old...

  • Nevada Highway Patrol retires its last Crown Vic
    The Nevada Highway Patrol retires its last Ford Crown Vic

    You haven't worked as long and hard as the Panther platform. Starting in 1978, Ford began cranking out cars on its full-size rear-wheel-drive platform, and it didn't stop doing so until 2011. Over the course of that run, the most prolifically produced machine was undoubtedly the Ford Crown...

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