Something about seeing performance cars decked out in police livery is inherently cool. In this case, we're talking about the Florida Highway Patrol's new 2019 Dodge Challenger cruiser.

The FHP's official Twitter account revealed its latest cruiser on the internet earlier this month. Decked out in traditional black and tan colors and FHP graphics, the Challenger police car is more than ready to keep up with the majority of vehicles motoring along the state's freeways. That's because it's a Challenger R/T model with the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 under the hood. The engine makes a healthy 372 horsepower. Like we said, that's plenty to keep up with the standard assortment of cars the general public keeps in their driveways. 

The tweet also lists 360-degree HD cameras and a new lighting package as updates for the Challenger. We assume the lighting package sits behind the grille rather than on the roof like most cop cars. It won't take lights to make motorists realize they sped past the wrong Challenger, though, given that the black and tan livery is far from hidden.

The Challenger is just one of many cool police cars to enter service of late. Around the world, plenty of departments outgun the U.S. In Australia, provinces run a Tesla Model X, a BMW M5 Competition, and even a Honda Civic Type R. Last year, a Japanese department received a Nissan GT-R cruiser. Don't get us started on the supercars of the Dubai police fleet, either.