• Kitty Hawk Flyer prototype

    No, this isn’t a late April Fools’ Day prank. A startup by the name of Kitty Hawk and backed by Google co-founder Larry Page has given us our first look at a flying car that’s in development and promised on the market by the end of 2017. Well, it’s not so much of a car but rather a form of personal transport that travels in the air. Called the Flyer, the device is more of a hoverbike with a series of drone-style propellers that provide lift. Kitty Hawk has designed the Flyer so that it runs purely on electricity and features controls so easy to use that anyone could...

  • Lego Technic BMW Motorrad R 1200 GS Adventure Hover Ride
    BMW and Lego team up to build crazy R 1200 GS hover bike concept

    It all started with a motorcycle and a set of Legos. The bike in question is the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure, and it's a go-anywhere two-wheeler that lives up to its name. Lego Technic decided to recreate it in scale brick form, and the result is awesome. In fact, this Lego Technic kit isn't just one...

  • Hoversurf Scorpion 3
    Company demonstrates working hoverbike

    There’s a surprising number of companies attempting to develop personal hovercraft. Most are working on skateboard-style hoverboards, a concept popularized in the 1989 movie “Back to the Future Part II.” Some, however, have more ambitious plans. Take for example Russia’s...

  • Jay Leno drives a US Navy LCAC hovercraft
    Jay Leno takes control of 20,000 horsepower

    Jay Leno has driven more combined horsepower than most people on this planet. Heck, his own Blastolene Special is a hand-built "thing of awesome" powered by a tank engine that produces 810 horsepower. That's nothing anymore for Leno. He recently had the opportunity to jump into the driver's seat of...

  • Franky Zapata breaks hoverboard record
    7,388 feet is the new hoverboard record

    A French adventurist has broken the record for the longest hoverboard flight: 7,388 feet. "It's an amazing sensation, it's really peaceful," new record holder Franky Zapata told reporters immediately after the event, which was attended by about 200 people. CHECK OUT: McLaren 650S crashes minutes...

  • Zapata Racing Flyboard Air
    Is this the wildest hoverboard yet?

    Becoming your very own Rocket Man may become a reality thanks to French ski champion Franky Zapata. The brain behind water jet Flyboards has released an absolutely crazy video showing a new, jet-powered Flyboard Air hovering well above a lake. Early reports indicate that the Flyboard Air is capable...

  • ArcaBoard hoverboard

    We’ve seen several designs for hoverboards in the past but none of these looked even remotely close to production. That isn’t the case for the ArcaBoard, which is available for pre-order and promised to start delivery in April, 2016. The latest hoverboard was developed by an aerospace company founded in Romania and now based in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The company, called Arca Space Corporation, was founded by engineer Dumitru Popescu, and he’s the brains behind the ArcaBoard. WATCH: Learn How A Gas Pump Nozzle Actually Works: Video The hoverboard design consists of an array...

  • Tony Hawk Rides Hoverboard
    Tony Hawk, Volunteers Ride Hendo's Latest Hoverboard: Video

    Yesterday, in celebration of Back to the Future Day—the date Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future II—Hendo unveiled the latest version of its hoverboard. And if you've dreamed of riding one like Marty did, we have bad news. ALSO SEE: 'Wreck To The Future' Is BTTF Parody Done...

  • Lexus Hoverboard
    Watch People Ride The Very Real Lexus Hoverboard: Video

    What happens when you combine the oldest Japanese luxury brand, 200 meters of magnetic track, a pair of -197 degree C "cryostats," and a specially designed skatepark outside Barcelona, Spain? You get an absolutely fantastic way to break your wrist. ALSO SEE: Father Brings Son Along For Drift...

  • Lexus Hoverboard
    Yes, Lexus Has Indeed Made An Actual Hoverboard: Video

    Since Marty McFly hopped on a pink Mattel version in Back to the Future II, kids—and plenty of people who aren't kids—have desperately wanted to ride a hoverboard. Last October, American startup Hendo released a video of a prototype being ridden on a small half pipe. Some of the skaters...

  • Lexus Hoverboard
    Did Lexus Just Create A Hoverboard?

    The video is only a teaser, but this is how a teaser video should be done. It seems that Lexus may have created a hoverboard. We're not sure how, we're not sure why, and we're not even sure if this is real, but we've double checked the calendars to be sure we're nowhere near April 1. The tagline...

  • Malloy Aeronautics Hoverbike prototype
    Defense Department Working On Hoverbikes: Video

    Fans of the Star Wars movies need no convincing of the virtues of a hoverbike, and it appears neither does the military. The Department of Defense is teaming up with Malloy Aeronautics to turn the British engineering firm’s hoverbike concept into a reality, with further development and...

  • Catalin Alexandre Duru on his homemade hoverboard

    Move over, Marty McFly. Canadian engineer Catalin Alexandru Duru has set a new world record for the furthest distance traveled on a hoverboard, and unlike McFly’s board in Back to the Future Part II, Duru’s actually works on water. He set the new record during a stunt that took place last week on Quebec’s Lake Ouareau. MUST WATCH: Volvo Safety Demonstration Goes Horribly Wrong: Video According to Guinness World Records, Duru managed to travel a distance of 905 feet and 2 inches, smashing the previous record of 164 feet. He reached a height of about 15 feet during the stunt...

  • DeLorean hovercraft by Matthew Riese, a.k.a. David Lorean.
    DeLorean Hovercraft Hoons San Francisco Bay, Blows Our Minds: Video

    This isn’t a new project, and it’s not something that has blown up all over the Internet. We can’t figure out why. Because it’s awesome. Sure, it only has a 16-hp engine, and sure it’s not exactly quick or anything (top speed is about 23 mph). But it looks amazing, has...

  • Hendo Hoverboard
    Hendo Creates 'Back To The Future'-Style Hoverboard: Video

    You can now live out your Marty McFly fantasies, courtesy of Kickstarter.

  • Toyota Prius (Image: FrontSeatDriver.co.uk)
    Toyota Thinks Hover Cars Might Be A Thing

    If you asked a guy in the 1960s what he thought we'd be driving today, he'd probably think about what he'd seen in a popular TV science-fiction show of the time and say "a hover car". But 1960s guy would probably be a little disappointed that what people are actually driving are cars that look a...

  • DIY Hoverwing. Image via The Nelson Mail.
    Subaru-Powered Homemade Hoverwing Is A DIY Mini-Ekranoplan

    A New Zealand man has built what may be the coolest homebrew vehicle ever.

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