A French adventurist has broken the record for the longest hoverboard flight: 7,388 feet.

"It's an amazing sensation, it's really peaceful," new record holder Franky Zapata told reporters immediately after the event, which was attended by about 200 people.

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"I open my arms because it helps me control my movements, but when you open your hands and you feel the wind go through your hand and you have nothing under your feet—it's hard to describe, really. You have to experience this moment in your life."

That record, now an official Guinness World Record, was set on April 30 near Marseille, France. It may not stand for long, however. Zapata has said his company's hoverboard, which he calls a Flyboard Air, is capable of reaching a height of 10,000 feet and can go nearly 95 mph.

Four jet engines make flight possible

The Flyboard Air utilizes a quartet of 250-horsepower jet engines. The fuel, in this case kerosene, is strapped to the rider's back, and two additional, smaller engines are mounted to each side of the Flyboard Air to stabilize it at higher speeds.

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Zapata Racing isn't currently offering the Flyboard Air to the public, but the company says it intends to do so eventually.

The previous hoverboard record, a distance of just 905 ft, was set by Canadian Catalin Alexandru Duru.

Zapata has said that he intends for the Flyboard Air to be used, eventually, in military operations.


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