Becoming your very own Rocket Man may become a reality thanks to French ski champion Franky Zapata.

The brain behind water jet Flyboards has released an absolutely crazy video showing a new, jet-powered Flyboard Air hovering well above a lake.

Early reports indicate that the Flyboard Air is capable of flying at up to 10,000 feet above surface level and that it is capable of staying in the air for about 10 minutes. Moreover, it can accelerate its standing "passenger" to more than 93 mph.

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That's a little more impressive than Lexus' foray into the hoverboard world last year. If the hoverboard industry keeps moving at this rate, we'll all be living a foot or two off the ground by year's end.

Zapata Racing calls the Flyboard Air a prototype at this point (and also refers to it as a UFO). However, the company also makes other, not-quite-so-powerful hoverboards that levitate riders above a water surface. 

The video is reportedly the real deal, but we'll warn you that it isn't a good watch for those who are afraid of heights. The test run doesn't take it up to 10,000 feet, but it does go high enough that humans on the ground look like minuscule dots. 


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