You’d think it would be next to impossible to find someone capable of wrecking their new car quicker than the 27-year-old that crashed a McLaren P1 less than 24 hours after taking delivery.

However, you’d be wrong.

A man from the United Kingdom now has the undesirable honor of being the guy whose supercar was wrecked just 10 minutes after taking delivery.

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McLaren 650S Spider

McLaren 650S Spider

The man, an Essex resident, last week was celebrating the delivery of a black McLaren 650S Spider with a bottle of champagne. However, minutes later the car ended up head first into a tree.

Fortunately there weren’t any injuries, and the car certainly looks repairable.

While it’s alleged it was the owner of the car driving the 650S Spider at the time of the crash, the Brentwood Gazette reports police are still investigating the matter and have appealed to any witnesses to help them determine who exactly was doing the driving.


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