Step aside, Texas A&M. It seems that there's a new king in the How to Stop a Truck Immediately game... which is a game we don't think features a ton of civilian players.

This player, however, is Heald and it's based in the UK. The tool for the task at hand is called the HT1-Viper, and it's a shallow mounted roadblocker designed to prevent terrorist incursion by way of a vehicle.

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As you can see in the video above, it does one hell of a job. The system needs just 15 inches of depth to work, and when it's deployed it rises to just under 42 inches high. Heald has tested the HT1-Viper to make sure it's capable of bring a truck weighing over 8 tons to a stop when it's traveling at speeds up to 50 miles per hour; and then the roadblocker is capable of continuing to function after this impact.

It's raised and lowered remotely with the push of a button. In the video, if that's shown in real-time, it seems to raise and lower more than quickly enough as well. It's a simple and clean solution when you need to make sure you have a defense system in place to stop truck-based threats yet you also have a roadway that needs to be open the majority of the time.


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