BMW says it will begin offering an emergency call system on its motorcycles that can summon first responders at the press of a red SOS button on the handlebar.

The system is essentially the same as the Intelligent Emergency Call button the automaker has offered in Europe on its cars for more than 15 years. Europe recently introduced legislation requiring that such services be installed in cars, although motorcycles don't fall under the same category.

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On BMW's motorcycle lineup, pressing the SOS button tells a call center where you are located. From there, the call center decides what kind of response is best—like police or fire departments—and it contacts them directly.

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The system will also be capable of contacting BMW's call center directly in the event of an fall or collision. If a built-in sensor detects that it is a bad fall or collision, it will automatically contact the call center and help will be sent immediately. If the collision is less severe, the system automatically contacts the call center after 25 seconds, where the operator and the rider will determine if help is required.

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Riders can also press the button to contact the call center in case they see where another vehicle on the road may need help.

BMW will first offer the button on motorcycles in Germany before expanding to other markets.


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