Yesterday, in celebration of Back to the Future Day—the date Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future II—Hendo unveiled the latest version of its hoverboard.

And if you've dreamed of riding one like Marty did, we have bad news. 

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First, the Hendo unit is going to cost $10,000, and every example has already been spoken for by Kickstarter supporters. Also, because it works off electromagnetic fields, it requires a dedicated metal track to work. So you can forget about cruising along the sidewalk, or anywhere that hasn't been prepped for it. But when compared with the hoverboard's most glaring flaw, the expense and expanse are relatively minor issues. 

Because from what we can tell, this thing is impossible to ride. 

Case in point? Tony Hawk is the most celebrated skateboarder alive. He was the first to nail a 900-degree spin on a skate ramp, and has a sense of balance and a degree of agility that would make a feline faint. And even he looks awkward riding it, though he does manage to pull off a "shove-it" move toward the end of his time on the Hendo.

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So if you're somebody who doesn't even know what a shove-it is—or who does but can't reliably perform one—your chances of doing anything but embarrassing yourself on this baby are zero.    

That said, since the whole hoverboard exercise is just a proof of concept for parent company Arx Pax's patented hover engine technology, it's not terribly important that it leads to the creation of hoverboard parks in every town.

Enjoy the video. 


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