Since Marty McFly hopped on a pink Mattel version in Back to the Future II, kids—and plenty of people who aren't kids—have desperately wanted to ride a hoverboard.

Last October, American startup Hendo released a video of a prototype being ridden on a small half pipe. Some of the skaters on the Motor Authority staff, however, honestly thought the execution looked a little weak.

So when we got wind that Lexus was taking a crack at the tech, we were intrigued—even though we weren't even sure it was real. Sure, Lexus had built a website for it, and the initial teaser was impressive, but it stilled smelled like a publicity stunt.

But we don't think it's a publicity stunt any longer.

Two weeks ago, our friends over at ClubLexus posted shots of the hoverboard skate park under construction outside Barcelona, Spain. From what we can tell, the board will clearly have to follow a track to levitate, but the setup looks far more ambitious than anything we've previously seen regarding hoverboards. And today, a new teaser video went live, revealing that pro skater Ross McGouran has signed up to demo the new deck.

Unsurprisingly, he says it's "like floating on air." We can't wait to see what the Lexus hoverboard will be able to do when wielded by such a talented rider.

For now, watch the teaser to get a taste of what's to come.


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