The video is only a teaser, but this is how a teaser video should be done. It seems that Lexus may have created a hoverboard. We're not sure how, we're not sure why, and we're not even sure if this is real, but we've double checked the calendars to be sure we're nowhere near April 1.

The tagline says that there is nothing that is impossible. You just need to figure out how to achieve your goal. Well, that's one hell of a goal, and we really want to know more about if and how Lexus achieved it. There's a website setup for the hoverboard, and it has a tidbit of insight into just how this thing might work.

It seems that the frictionless movement is achieved through magnetic levitation. We're guessing the technology is something like what American startup Hendo is using for its own hoverboard. Lexus also managed to work the spindle grill into the top of the board, which features a bamboo deck.

All in all, we're impressed right off the bat. Now we want to see if this thing actually does what the video teases.


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