The Cold War-era Soviet ekranoplan--Russian for "sea skimmer"--was one of the most ridiculously awesome high-speed cargo-movers ever devised. Capable of carring 544 metric tons (that's 2.4 million pounds, or 1,200 tons) in its most extreme form, the ekranoplan is basically a ground-effect aircraft crossed with a ship. And now you can build your own Subaru-powered version in your back yard.

Well, sort of. A New Zealand man built a Subaru boxer engine-powered vehicle he calls the Hoverwing, which is a cross between a conventional hovercraft and a ground-effect airplane, capable of 61 mph at 4-5 feet above the water's surface.

The concept isn't actually new--even of the Subaru-powered, DIY type--but new or not, it's still unreasonably dangerous, looks unspeakably fun and it's something you can build yourself if you're sufficiently motivated and capable. That's the sort of thing that deserves another look.

Check out Universal Hovercraft's site for a good start on building your own.


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