Jay Leno has driven more combined horsepower than most people on this planet.

Heck, his own Blastolene Special is a hand-built "thing of awesome" powered by a tank engine that produces 810 horsepower. That's nothing anymore for Leno. He recently had the opportunity to jump into the driver's seat of something with quite a bit more juice. As you can see in this video, he took control of a United States Navy LCAC, which is a massive hovercraft.

The LCAC is powered by four engines. Two inflate the bag needed to make the craft hover, and the other two in the rear provide thrust. Together, the engines have a combined power output of 20,000 horsepower. You're paying $2,050 per every pony here, because each LCAC costs $41,000,000.

Click on the video to catch up on Jay's experience. Before heading out in the real thing, Jay gets some simulator time at the Camp Pendleton base in California. After a quick 20-minute lesson, it's time for the real thing. Leno rides in the back of the control cabin as it heads from land to sea. Once in the water, or really over the water, the crew lets Leno have a go. The ship runs out into the ocean to dock with a nearby naval ship where Jay then greets the crew.

It's highly unlikely any of us will ever pilot an LCAC. It's amazing that a super celebrity like Leno got to experience it, and we'd be impressed if he can pilot anything with more power in the future. We hope gives it a shot, though.