Top speed record

  • Jessi Combs

    Jessi Combs achieved an average speed of 531.889 mph before her fatal crash in August, and that speed is being submitted to Guinness

  • Bugatti Chiron production prototype derivative hits 300 mph
    Andy Wallace: The Bugatti Chiron wasn't out of breath at 304 mph

    Andy Wallace, the driver behind the Bugatti Chiron that hit 304 mph, says the car can go faster.

  • Bugatti Chiron Sport
    Bugatti boss claims Chiron could hit 280 mph, but don't expect an attempt

    Koenigsegg set the industry ablaze when it used an owner's car to set a 277.9 mph top speed world record for street legal production cars. Since then, all eyes have been on a handful of rivals, including Bugatti, which held the production-car record for years. Now, the French supercar brand says...

  • SSC Tuatara
    SSC Tuatara only car with "legitimate shot" at 300 mph, CEO claims

    SSC is keen to reclaim the record for the world's fastest production car and clock 300 mph in the process. After unveiling the long-awaited Tuatara last month, the California-based supercar maker had some fighting words for rivals also looking to stake their claim as the first to 300 mph. Jerod...

  • Honda UK Mean Mower V2
    150 mph on a lawn mower? Honda Mean Mower V2 takes aim

    Honda UK will once again attempt to build the world's fastest lawn mower. This time it's called Mean Mower V2. The original Mean Mower was able to hit 116 mph to set the world record in 2013, and that was with a 109-horsepower engine. The mad minds at Honda UK are aiming for something higher...

  • Jaguar Vector Racing break marine electric speed record
    Jaguar breaks electric boat speed record

    Breaking a speed record on land is a remarkable achievement. Breaking a speed record on water ups the ante more than a few notches because it introduces a number of dangerous factors and water adds immense drag. Jaguar has just added a maritime speed record to its resume with an electric boat...

  • Koenigsegg Agera RS goes from 0-250-0 MPH in 37 seconds

    The Koenigsegg Agera RS claimed the production-car top speed record last November with a 277.9 mph run, but the company said higher speeds aren't out of the question—they're just not a priority. Christian von Koenigsegg and Michelin product manager Eric Schmedding spoke with The Drive in a report published on Thursday, and both conceded the Agera RS could go even faster. The Agera RS actually clocked its top-speed run with factory Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. They're the same tires Bugatti uses for the Chiron with slight tweaks made for the Swedish supercar. Schmedding said the...

  • Hennessey Venom GT hits 265.7 mph
    Hennessey Venom GT Hits 265.7 MPH, Claims World's Fastest Title: Video

    The battle for the title of "world's fastest production car" is as fierce as it is bizarre. Populated by extremely rare, hyper-expensive, hand-built cars, the group of contenders is as unrealistic as the speeds they reach. But there's a new king of this particular hill, as evidenced by video of the...

  • Patrick O'Gorman at 267 mph
    Hennessey Ford GT Breaks Texas Mile Record With 267.6 MPH Run: Video

    The Texas Mile may need to be renamed to the “Hennessey Mile,” or even the “Mark Heidaker Mile,” since one thing is becoming clear: the tuner and car owner apparently own the top speed record at the semiannual event, held in Beeville, Texas. In March of 2012, driver Sean...

  • The Guinness World Record holding Performance Power Racing Ford GT - image: Performance Power Racing
    Performance Power Racing Ford GT Sets 283 MPH Standing Mile Record

    On October 16, Johnny Bohmer, owner of Performance Power Racing, strapped himself into the driver’s seat of his 1,700+ horsepower Ford GT, then pointed the nose towards the end of NASA’s Shuttle Landing Facility runway. The 15,000 foot runway, located on Merritt Island, would give...

  • Felix Baumgartner jumps from 128,100 feet
    Felix Baumgartner Breaks The Sound Barrier, Sans Vehicle: Video

    It takes a special kind of crazy to think that piloting a giant balloon to a height of 128,100 feet, opening the door of your capsule and jumping into space sounds like a good idea, but Felix Baumgartner is that kind of crazy. On Sunday, the Austrian skydiver and helicopter pilot broke several...

  • Mark Heidaker's record-setting Ford GT
    Twin-Turbo Ford GT Sets Texas Mile Speed Record: Video

    Until March 25, 2012, the record speed achieved at the Texas Mile was 250.1 miles per hour. Hitting a number like that takes more than a fast car and steady nerves; environmental conditions have to be right, too. If there’s a head wind or a cross wind, chances are it will slow the car or make...

  • Skoda Octavia vRS Bonneville record car

    Whilst Skodas have never been sold in the United States, gearheads probably know a little about the Czech Republic-based subsiduary of the Volkswagen Audi Group and some of the great cars the company has produced since becoming part of the VAG empire. As such, the brand has shaken off the reputation it once had as the butt of many jokes. Even so, you might approach the notion of a 200 mile per hour Skoda with some trepidation. Pull the other one, Skoda! Nevertheless, the car exists and Skoda is building a 600 horsepower version of its Octavia hatchback to break the double-ton at Bonneville...

  • Bloodhound SSC 1,000 mph land speed record car
    Bloodhound Land Speed Car Gets First Record (In Scale Speed)

    If you've been following the race for the Land Speed Record you'll be familiar with Bloodhound SSC. The U.K-based team headed by Royal Air Force pilot Andy Green hopes to smash the previous record, set by Green himself, by achieving over 1,000 miles per hour. A car with the Bloodhound name has...

  • Bentley Continental Supersports sets ice speed record
    Bentley Supersports Sets 205 MPH Ice Speed Record

    Going fast is easy these days. Hit up an airport or a dry lake bed, put the hammer down on 500-2,000 horsepower, and wait. Lame. But doing it on ice? Not lame. Doing it in a Bentley? Even not-lame-er. That's exactly what four-time Finnish rally champ Juha Kankkunen did recently, shooting to 205.48...

  • Shelby Supercars' next-gen speed record car
    New Images, Details On Shelby Supercars' 275 MPH Record-Seeker

    When Jason Castriota came on board with Shelby Supercars, we could hardly believe it--but knew something special would result. Something special most certaily has, as these photos reveal. As for the details, they're pretty special, too. There's no way to talk about this car except in ballistic...

  • Shelby Supercars second-gen Ultimate Aero leak
    New SSC Supercar Leaked, Reveal Coming Later This Month

    The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has once again put the Volkswagen Group's French marque back at the top of the fastest production car charts with its recent 268-mph record, but within days Shelby Supercars (SSC) announced it would be once again gunning to top Bugatti. We already know that SSC's new...

  • SSC Ultimate Aero TT
    America's SSC Chasing Bugatti Veyron Super Sport’s 268 MPH Top Speed

    Who didn’t see this one coming? America’s Shelby Super Cars (SSC) will be attempting to reclaim its title of manufacturer of the world’s fastest production car now that the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has set the official record of 268 mph. As we reported back in 2007, SSC originally stole the...

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