The Texas Mile may need to be renamed to the “Hennessey Mile,” or even the “Mark Heidaker Mile,” since one thing is becoming clear: the tuner and car owner apparently own the top speed record at the semiannual event, held in Beeville, Texas.

In March of 2012,  driver Sean Kennedy piloted the Hennessey Ford GT, owned by Mark Heidaker, to a Texas Mile record of 257.7 miles per hour, beating the competition by nearly five mph.

In October of last year, the team established a new Texas Mile record, running 263.3 mph with Sean Kennedy at the wheel. Last weekend, the team returned to Beeville and laid down yet another record, with driver Patrick O’Gorman hitting 267.6 mph over the standing mile.

Keep in mind that the Hennessey Ford GT used in the record runs is street legal, though we wouldn’t want the car’s lumpy idle or tall gearing on our own daily driver. The parachute is sure to draw some unwanted attention from both street racers and law enforcement, too.

The Hennessey Ford GT runs a twin-turbo Accufab Racing V-8, tuned by Shane Tecklenberg. It’s pretty clear that O’Gorman is seeing wheel spin in third gear on the record run, so we wonder exactly how much power the car is putting to the ground.

We also wonder how much faster the team can run, and whether or not it can challenge for the world record in the standing mile. Last October, a second Ford GT, built by Performance Power Racing, set a standing mile world record with a run of 283 mph, certified by the people from Guinness.