• Caterham Super Seven 1600

    Malaysian businessman Tony Fernandes has sold Caterham to the company's Japanese distributor.

  • Caterham Super Seven 1600
    Caterham returns with 1970s-inspired Super Seven 1600

    Caterham's newest model mimics the Sevens of old but with none of the drawbacks.

  • Jeremy Clarkson thinks the Ford GT is like a mad Caterham
    Jeremy Clarkson thinks the Ford GT behaves like a "mad Caterham"

    A Caterham is one of the purest expressions of automotive driving heaven. The tiny, bare-bones British sports car is a nimble, open-air, lightweight machine that leaves you fully engaged in the act of driving. It's the sports car distilled to its basics. So, for Jeremy Clarkson to call the Ford GT...

  • Caterham Seven SuperSprint
    Caterham Seven SuperSprints sell out in just seven hours

    Caterham set a company sales record with its limited-edition Seven SuperSprint, selling all 60 of them in seven hours at the Goodwood Revival. Well, that didn’t take long. All 60 limited-edition Caterham Seven SuperSpints sports cars that debuted last Friday at the Goodwood Revival in England...

  • Caterham C120 concept
    Caterham still dreaming of mainstream sports car

    Caterham, best known for its continuation of the Lotus Seven legacy, was until 2014 set to launch a mid-engine sports car that could challenge the Porsche 718 Cayman and Lotus Elise. The car was being developed in partnership with Renault which planned its own version to be sold under the Alpine...

  • Caterham C120 concept
    This is Caterham’s canned Cayman rival

    Not long ago, the backers of Caterham planned to turn the niche British sports car brand into a full-line automaker selling sedans and SUVs as well as sports cars. The first of Caterham’s more mainstream models was to be a small sports car based on a new platform developed with Renault...

  • Caterham builds lighter Seven chassis using bicycle “butted tubing” technology

    Now that it’s no longer wasting effort and money on a failed Formula One program, British sports car brand Caterham has returned to what it does best: building affordable, lightweight track cars based on the iconic Lotus Seven chassis. Recently, Caterham teamed up with bicycle frame manufacturer Reynolds Technology to devise a new method of building the Seven chassis. Now, Caterham has presented a prototype version of the chassis that’s said to be around 10 percent lighter than the previous design. The key is Reynolds’ “butted tubing” technology. Essentially, the...

  • Caterham Super Seven by Lego
    Get ready to build your own Lego Caterham

    Caterhams are basically do-it-yourself affairs right out of the box, but now the fun folks at Lego have created a downsized, hyper-detailed model that could be assembled on your kitchen counter. The Lego Caterham Super Seven model is remarkably accurate for something made out of plastic bricks. It...

  • Caterham's 2014 Formula One car
    Caterham F1 Hopes Fade As Administrator Puts Assets Up For Sale

    Despite raising enough cash to finish off the 2014 Formula One World Championship, struggling team Caterham F1, now a separate unit to the Caterham sports car brand, looks like it’s lost all chance of racing this season and will now likely be sold off or disbanded altogether. Administrators...

  • 2013 Caterham 620R
    Caterham Initiating New Naming Scheme In Preparation For Expanded Lineup

    In an effort to streamline its model names, Caterham will drop its existing Supersport, Roadsport and Superlight monikers in favor of a purely numerical scheme for its lineup of cars derived from the original Lotus Seven design. The latest 165 and 620R are the first models to be classified under...

  • Marussia F1 Team logo
    Marussia F1 Team Disbanded, Caterham Turns To Crowdfunding

    Both the Marussia and Caterham Formula One teams have missed the last two races of the 2014 season due to financial difficulties, with the former still reeling from the Japanese Grand Prix accident that caused one of its drivers, Jules Bianchi, to suffer serious head injuries. The latest statement...

  • Caterham Formula One car
    Caterham F1 Team’s Future In Jeopardy

    The Caterham F1 Team is currently on shaky ground following news Caterham Sports Limited (CSL), an entity that builds the actual cars for the team, is in administration and its administrator refusing to release the cars for transport to Austin, Texas for the upcoming Formula One United States Grand...

  • Caterham Seven 480

    Caterham announces two models designed for the U.S. market.

  • The final Caterham R500 Superlight
    Caterham Superlight R500 Ends Production

    One of the world’s most exclusive super performance cars has reached the end of its run, six years after its introduction. With just 174 units built since 2008, the Caterham Superlight R500 is about twice as rare as the Bugatti Veyron—and nearly as quick at a fraction of the power and...

  • Caterham Formula One car
    Caterham F1 Sold To Consortium Of Swiss And Middle Eastern Investors

    Struggling Formula One team Caterham has been sold to a consortium of investors from Switzerland and the Middle East. The team, which has failed to make headway in F1 since joining the sport in 2012, will continue to compete under the Caterham banner and be run from the current headquarters in...

  • Caterham logo
    Caterham To Be Sold?

    Caterham, the British sports car manufacturer and Formula One team, is reportedly going up for sale, with an information memorandum said to have already been sent to potential investors in the Middle East. The information was first reported by The Edge Malaysia, citing an unnamed source...

  • Evo tests the Morgan 3-Wheeler against the Caterham Seven 160
    Battle Of The Lightweight Retro Brits: Morgan 3-Wheeler Vs. Caterham Seven 160

    There are few truly elemental driving machines left in today’s world of crash tests, safety regulation, and general nannyism. But there are a few. These are two of them: The Morgan 3-Wheeler and the Caterham Seven 160. MUST SEE: Ford Sends A 2015 Mustang Into SPACE In this video, Evo’s...

  • 2012 Renault Alpine A110-50 Concept
    Renault And Caterham To Go Their Separate Ways On Joint Sports Car Project: Report

    In 2012 French automaker Renault and British track car specialist and Formula One team Caterham confirmed plans to develop a new sports car platform that would spawn separate models for the two parties in 2016. Renault was to launch its sports car under a revived Alpine brand while Caterham’s...

  • Kamui Kobayashi and the 2014 Caterham 620R

    One of Caterham’s new Formula One drivers Kamui Kobayashi has taken time out from his busy schedule to test the British sports car company’s Seven 620R at the legendary Silverstone race track in the U.K. The 620R is Caterham’s latest track weapon, and one of the most powerful it’s ever produced. Mounted to the classic Lotus Seven chassis is a 2.0-liter Duratec four-cylinder engine sourced from Ford. In the 620R, peak output comes in at 311 horsepower and 219 pound-feet of torque, which is enough to the car to 60 mph in just 2.79 seconds and on to a top speed of 155...

  • 2013 Caterham 620R
    Superformance Signed As New U.S. Distributor For Caterham

    Acquiring one of Caterham’s iconic Seven roadsters in the U.S. is about to become a much simpler process thanks to a new deal signed by the British sports car company and the distribution experts at Superperformance. Starting from the first of this month, Superperformance, based in Irvine...

  • 2014 Caterham Brutus 750
    Caterham Further Consolidates Group, Launches Motorcycle Division

    Not long ago, Caterham was a barely known entity churning out a handful of Lotus Seven roadsters per year. In 2006, a group of ex-Lotus executives took over the company and ran it until 2011 when it was bought by Malaysian businessman Tony Fernandes. Since then, Fernandes has entered Caterham into...

  • Zenos Project E10
    Former Caterham CEO Starts Zenos Sports Car Brand

    Since stepping down from the CEO position at Caterham a year ago, British businessman Ansar Ali has now revealed details on his next project, which, like Caterham, centers on lightweight track cars. That next project is Zenos Cars, which Ali is co-founder and director of. Ali describes Zenos as a...

  • Caterham AeroSeven Concept
    Caterham plans to become real carmaker

    They grow up so fast, don't they? Caterham Cars, best known for the minimalist (nee-Lotus) Seven, has announced plans to become a full-line car maker. At the launch of the AeroSeven concept in Singapore, Caterham chairman Tony Fernandes said he wanted to expand the company into a brand with global...

  • Caterham AeroSeven Concept
    Caterham AeroSeven Concept Unveiled: A Modern, F1-Inspired Seven

    The original Lotus Seven was an inspired concept--completely, utterly minimalistic, in perfect keeping with Colin Chapman's "simplify, then add lightness" ethic. The new Caterham AeroSeven is an extension of that theme into modern Formula 1 technologies and methods. Built around the Caterham Seven...

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