In an effort to streamline its model names, Caterham will drop its existing Supersport, Roadsport and Superlight monikers in favor of a purely numerical scheme for its lineup of cars derived from the original Lotus Seven design. The latest 165 and 620R are the first models to be classified under the new naming scheme, where the number roughly corresponds with the car’s power-to-weight ratio in terms of horsepower per British tonne.

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The new naming scheme will make it easier for buyers to gauge where in the hierarchy of models each particular Caterham Seven sits. For now, the 80-horsepower 165 will serve as the base option and the 311-hp 620R as the flagship.

Autocar reports that three new Sevens will be introduced in the near future, sitting between the 165 and 620R. Two of them will likely align with the 360 and 480 models that were recently developed specifically for the U.S. market.

Each member of the five-car lineup will also boast further upgrades grouped as R or S packs, with the latter being the more extreme option.

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Caterham also remains committed to launching a new generation of sports cars, despite its recent separation from the Formula One team that shares the Caterham name. One of these will be a modern iteration of the Lotus Seven based on the recent AeroSeven concept car, and another will be the sports car that Caterham started developing in an alliance with Renault but will complete on its own.


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