Already talk of Hyundai's Genesis sedan and coupe has stirred speculation that U.S. and European manufacturers may have some real competition on their hands from the Korean company. Hyundai is looking to back up the strong press debut with good sales, and is planning to hit the ground running with 20,000 Genesis sedans and 30,000 coupes each year.

The Genesis is Hyundai's most recent effort to push into the sport and luxury markets, and by most accounts, its also the most credible. Priced at very competitive levels for the equipment and performance levels offered, the Genesis line of cars will be the standard-bearer for the company's image over the next several years. The fact that the company is expecting to sell more of the entry-level and performance-oriented coupes than luxury-market sedans, at least initially, indicates that they are being realistic about their current customer base, however.

Still a somewhat optimistic goal for sale, the 50,000 is "reasonably achievable" according to Hyundai's vice president for product development, John Krafcik, reports Automotive News.

The company also hopes to debut its first-ever hybrid. The hybrid powertrain will be slotted into the Sonata sedan, featuring lithium-ion batteries. Sale could start as soon as 2010, though the company hasn't made a firm commitment to that date. No word on the possibility of a Genesis hybrid, though sharing advanced hybrid powertrains through several models is rapidly becoming a common practice throughout the industry, so it remains a possibility. Despite the advanced lithium-ion battery tech, however, the Sonata hybrid isn't planned to be a plug-in, but rather a standard standalone hybrid, much like the current Toyota Prius.