Jeep must be feeling the heat from the Bronco, as it's just added two factory-installed options to its latest JL Wrangler that are already available on the Ford.

They include a wash-out floor system that can be used in lieu of traditional floor mats, and heavy-duty vinyl seats that can also be hosed down for easy cleaning.

The floor system features multi-layer construction that Jeep says offers thermal protection and sound dampening properties. It also features integrated channels that line up with the Wrangler's original floor drains. It comes in black and fits each foot well. The option costs $995 when installed at the factory.

The vinyl seats have been developed by Katzkin and are claimed to provide protection against regular wear and tear, as well as more extreme conditions like scuffs, fading, and mildew. They're also water resistant, meaning they can be hosed down. The seats are offered in black and feature an embroidered Wrangler grille. They cost $1,695 when installed at the factory.

More options from the Bronco inspire similar version in the Wrangler if the current sales trend continues. Ford reported 117,057 Bronco sales in 2022, the vehicle's first full year on the market. While the Wrangler still reigns supreme with sales of 181,409 units over the same period, that total was down from 204,610 units the previous year.