• Porsche RUF CTR

    It's very rare for a car to maintain a halo for thirty years, even one as special as the Ruf Yellowbird. Its status is as well-cemented as that of the likes of the Ford GT40 and the McLaren F1, and like both of those, its formula is one that bears repeating In fact, Ruf's work was so comprehensive that it managed to make the leap from simply being a tuning shop to itself being considered a full-fledged manufacturer under German regulations. Each factory-built CTR carries a Ruf VIN, rather than one from Porsche. Spotting a real CTR is a little more complicated than that, however, as not all of...

  • 2019 Ruf GT
    New Ruf GT debuts with 515 horsepower

    Germany's Ruf used this week's 2019 Geneva International Motor Show to unveil the latest generation of its GT based on the Porsche 911, specifically the outgoing 991's GTS variant. The Ruf GT is aimed at 911 enthusiasts seeking additional performance and something a little different to what Porsche...

  • 2017 Ruf CTR, 2017 Geneva auto show
    New Ruf GT and first production CTR Anniversary bound for Geneva auto show

    Ruf turns 80 this year, and to mark the milestone the legendary German sports car tuner and manufacturer will unveil a new model at the upcoming 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. The car is the new Ruf GT based on the outgoing 991 Porsche 911. Ruf is holding back most of the details until the...

  • 2018 Ruf SCR
    Ruf SCR bows in Geneva as homage to the original

    Ruf, which made a name for itself producing highly tuned Porsches decades ago, no longer relies exclusively on Porsche platforms but still adheres to its time-tested mantra: add power, subtract weight. The 2018 Ruf SCR is no different, and it's a salute to the original SCR, which debuted 40 years...

  • 1988 RUF CTR Clubsport
    This minty-fresh 1988 RUF CTR Clubsport is heading to auction

    RUF cars aren't simply re-tuned Porsches. No, no, they're something very special indeed, and this CTR Clubsport is one of the automaker's shining stars from the past. Fortunately for one well-off individual, it's heading to RM Sotheby's Paris auction on February 7. Why is the CTR Clubsport so...

  • 2017 Ruf CTR
    Here's how the 2017 Ruf CTR 'Yellow Bird' homage flies

    “It’s a love affair with our own history and with our own car that we created 30 years ago. We’re trying to bring it back in a little bit more modernized way.” So says Alois Ruf Jr., about the fourth-generation Ruf CTR, a car that his company is building as an homage to the...

  • 2017 Ruf CTR, 2017 Geneva auto show

    Famous Porsche tuner Ruf has returned with a new generation of its CTR sports car, and the latest is the first car completely developed in-house by the still family owned business run out of Pfaffenhausen, Germany. On display this week at the 2017 Geneva auto show, the new CTR, the fourth in the line of CTR (Group C, Turbo, Ruf) sports cars that began 30 years with the famous CTR “Yellowbird,” is billed as the first car with a carbon fiber tub and rear engine mounting. Its engine is a twin-turbocharged 3.6-liter flat-6 that Ruf’s engineers have tuned to deliver 700...

  • Ruf CTR 3 supercar
    Porsche tuner Ruf to unveil standalone sports car in Geneva

    Famous Porsche tuner Ruf has dabbled in standalone sports cars in the past, though these have all been based on models from Porsche’s regular fleet—the most recent being 2011’s CTR 3. At the 2017 Geneva auto show starting tomorrow, Ruf will present a new standalone sports car, one...

  • Ruf CTR 3 supercar
    Lotus F1 Owner Buys Into RUF Automobile

    Genii Capital, owner of the Lotus F1 Team, is branching out its holdings to include a stake in specialist constructor RUF, long known for building over-the-top Porsche-based supercars. Though some would call RUF a tuner, the German government actually considers the firm a manufacturer, with a...

  • 2013 Audi R8 Spyder
    BMW M3 And Porsche 918 Spy Shots, Audi R8: Top Photos Of The Week

    Each week we here at Motor Authority report on the most luxurious and highest-performance cars on the planet. With those posts comes some pretty awesome photos, and clearly, fans enjoy them as much as we do. In the spirit of awesomeness, we're going to highlight each week's top photos, just so you...

  • RUF Rt 35 based on the 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S
    RUF’s First Take On The 991 Porsche 911 Is The New Rt 35 Anniversary Edition

    German tuner RUF has managed to draw out more than 630 horsepower from the Porsche 911 Carrera S.

  • The Ruf Porsche Panamera XL. Image: Ruf China
    Ruf Super-Sizes The Porsche Panamera For China

    Seeing the need for a long-wheelbase variant of the Porsche Panamera, tuner Ruf has built the Panamera XL for the Chinese market.

  • Supercar Traffic Jam

    Traffic jams are no fun, unless that traffic jam is completely full of supercars.

  • Ruf CTR 3 supercar
    Ruf adopts mid-engine design for updated CTR 3 supercar

    About four years ago German tuner Ruf first revealed its third-generation CTR supercar, the aptly named CTR 3, as well as announcing a new development center in Bahrain. Well, Ruf has now gone and updated its CTR 3, extensively redesigning the chassis so that the original rear-engine design adopted...

  • Ruf Rt 12 R based on the Porsche 911
    Ruf Rt 12 R Based On The Porsche 911: 2011 Geneva Motor Show

    Ruf has never considered itself simply as an aftermarket tuner, seeing itself more as a niche automaker capable of building some of the highest-performance cars on the planet. You only have to take a look at the legendary line of CTR models to understand where this view is coming from, and in...

  • eRuf Porsche 911 prototype
    Ruf Announces Trials Of ‘eRuf’ Electric Porsche 911 Fleet

    In the same week that Porsche unveiled its own in-house developed electric Boxster E, one of the automaker’s longtime tuners, Ruf, announced plans for its own trials of a small fleet of electric Porsche 911 prototypes. Ruf is probably most widely recognized for its wild modified Porsches such...

  • Ruf Roadster
    Ruf Returns With New 911 Roadster, Promises All-Electric Version

    Anyone familiar with the Porsche 911 has probably seen a RUF-modified version, even if they didn't know what they were looking at. For those in the know, however, RUF's various takes on the 911 have been impressive works of modification--from the all-electric eRUF Greenster to the 685 horsepower...

  • RUF RGT-8 V-8 powered Porsche 911
    2010 Geneva Motor Show: RUF RGT-8 V-8 Powered Porsche 911

    RUF's work on the Porsche 911 is the stuff of legend.

  • Updated: RUF launches next-gen CTR3

    Exactly 20 years after we saw the original CTR, German tuning house Ruf has announced the introduction of its third-generation CTR. The car's arrival coincides with the launch of Ruf's new plant in Bahrain. The latest version will be built on Ruf's own chassis design and utilizes lightweight panels that resemble Porsche's Cayman. Starting with the Porsche Cayman body, Ruf has utilized racing technologies first seen on its 911-based RT12 offering. Powering the CTR3 is a twin-turbo 3.8L flat six engine pumping out 700hp at 7,000rpm with torque topping out at 890Nm. To save weight its developers...

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