Famous Porsche tuner Ruf has dabbled in standalone sports cars in the past, though these have all been based on models from Porsche’s regular fleet—the most recent being 2011’s CTR 3.

At the 2017 Geneva auto show starting tomorrow, Ruf will present a new standalone sports car, one the company designed, engineered and manufactured entirely in-house.

Ruf says it’s the first time it’s attempted such an ambitious undertaking.

No details have been released but we know the model helps celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ruf’s first standalone sports car, the CTR “Yellowbird.” This was based on a Porsche 911 but featured a highly-tuned version of Porsche’s flat-6 that saw it rival the top-level supercars at the time such as Porsche’s own 959 as well as the Ferrari F40.

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