Genii Capital, owner of the Lotus F1 Team, is branching out its holdings to include a stake in specialist constructor RUF, long known for building over-the-top Porsche-based supercars.

Though some would call RUF a tuner, the German government actually considers the firm a manufacturer, with a history that dates all the way back to 1939. It’s perhaps best known for the Porsche 911-based RUF CTR, better known as the “Yellowbird.”

When the Yellowbird was released in 1987, its 214 mph top speed made it the fastest production car in the world. Its legacy lives on in the current RUF CTR3, which relies on Porsche 911 mechanicals but sports a RUF-designed body. The CTR3 makes a claimed 750 horsepower, which is enough to give the car a 230 mph top speed.

Genii Capital will look to shore up RUF’s branding in developing markets, while keeping an eye open for new growth opportunities. One planned project is a RUF-developed V-8 engine, which could presumably see use beyond RUF’s model lineup.

RUF appeals to a future generation of buyers as well, as its products are represented in the driving simulation game Gran Turismo 5. Genii’s Gerard Lopez sees this tie-in as “...opening the potential to new buyers across the world,” though the price of RUF’s creations will certainly narrow the field of potential buyers.

Lopez also addresses the changes in the supercar marketplace, saying, “The high performance vehicle market is going through a fundamental transition with emerging markets and alternative propulsion solutions paving the way for RUF’s future. In light of these developments, the Geneva Motor Show will be especially exciting this year.”

We’ll be in Geneva, so check out our Geneva Motor Show page for full coverage of RUF’s exciting news, as well as breaking news from other manufacturers.