• Josh Giegel and Sara Luchian are first passengers to test Virgin Hyperloop - November 8, 2020

    Virgin Hyperloop says the change in plans is related to supply issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Josh Giegel and Sara Luchian are first passengers to test Virgin Hyperloop - November 8, 2020
    Virgin Hyperloop conducts first test with passengers

    Passengers only reached 107 mph in the first test but the goal for the commercial version is 670 mph.

  • HyperPower QFM-360-X 1,341-horsepower electric motor
    Australian company unveils 1,340-horsepower electric motor for hypercar, hyperloop applications

    HyperPower Technologies has developed a 1,340-horsepower electric motor that's scalable, meaning multiple units can be mounted to a common shaft for huge power generation.

  • Virgin Hyperloop One proposes launching first service in India
    World's first Hyperloop looks set to open in India

    Work on the first commercial hyperloop could start as early as 2020.

  • Arrivo high-speed transport system
    End of the road for Hyperloop startup Arrivo

    Hyperloop startup company Arrivo promised the "end or traffic" with its futuristic transportation method. Said dream has reached the end of the road, however. The Verge reported last Friday that Arrivo has officially folded after it failed to secure enough funding to proceed with its plans for an...

  • Hyperloop Transportation Technologies passenger pod
    HyperloopTT inks deal to build test track in Germany

    After showing off the design for its future passenger transport pod, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies announced a new deal to build a test track in Germany, Bloomberg reported Wednesday. The startup company, one of a few that aims to realize Tesla CEO Elon Musk's vision for high-speed tunnel...

  • Geely logo

    Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, the Chinese automaker that controls the Volvo and Lotus brands, on Tuesday announced plans to develop a hyperloop-like train capable of supersonic speeds. That means in excess of 767 mph. The train will use magnetic levitation to eliminate ground friction and vacuum tubes to reduce air resistance, which is the same concept as the hyperloop. Magnetic levitation, commonly referred to as maglev, is already in use in China. In fact, the country has the most operational maglev tracks in the world. Geely will work with China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation...

  • Hyperloop Transportation Technologies passenger pod
    Hyperloop Transportation Technologies shows design for passenger pod

    California-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies showed off the design of its future passenger pod on Tuesday. Called the "Quintero One," the pod was revealed in Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain, which HTT's manufacturing partner, Carbures, calls home. After showing off its creation to the world...

  • BMW Designworks Virgin Hyperloop One passenger capsule concept
    BMW shows off Virgin Hyperloop passenger capsule

    A handful of companies are battling to bring the first production Hyperloop to life, and Virgin Hyperloop One continues to appear as the frontrunner. The company partnered with BMW's Designworks studio to develop a conceptual Hyperloop passenger capsule. BMW and Designworks debuted the passenger...

  • Hyperloop Transportation Technologies begins building test track in France
    New Hyperloop test track under construction in France

    The world's third Hyperloop test track is now under construction in France. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) announced on Sunday that construction is underway for a kilometer-long (0.62-mile) test track near its research and development center. The California-based HTT is one of three...

  • Virgin Hyperloop One test track in Nevada
    Virgin Hyperloop One demonstrates full-scale test for Saudi leaders

    America's Virgin Hyperloop One has released video of a demonstration of its full-scale Hyperloop system in action at the company's Mojave test site. The latest demonstration was conducted on Monday for a Saudi Arabian delegation that included Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud. No details...

  • The Boring Company concept
    The Boring Company's tunnels will prioritize mass transit over cars

    Elon Musk early last year announced plans for the new venture The Boring Company that would look to create tunnels under congested cities through which cars could be transported riding on electric-powered, high-speed sleds. But Musk took to Twitter on Friday to announce that The Boring Company, as...

  • Hyperloop concept - Image via Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

    The highway slog between Cleveland and Chicago currently takes about five and a half hours by car, but a proposed Hyperloop ride could cut that journey to around 30 relaxing minutes. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) signed an agreement with state transportation departments in Illinois and Ohio Thursday to begin a feasibility study for what could become the first interstate Hyperloop system. HTT, along with Virgin Hyperloop One, is one of the larger early players in the Hyperloop space, though Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says he now wants to build his own Hyperloop as well. HTT's...

  • Virgin Hyperloop One test pod
    Virgin Hyperloop One reaches 240 mph in latest test

    Virgin Hyperloop One took a major step toward realizing its goal of delivering a fully functioning Hyperloop transport system by 2021 with the successful test this month of a pod at speeds of 240 mph. The full-scale test took place on December 15 at the company’s proving ground in Nevada and...

  • Arrivo high-speed transport system
    Arrivo reveals Hyperloop-like transport system capable of 200 mph travel

    There’s a new company battling to become your high-speed transport provider of the future. The company is Los Angeles-based Arrivo, which has come up with a concept for a high-speed transport system where specially designed vehicles travel along dedicated tracks at speeds of up to 200 mph...

  • Richard Branson with Virgin Hyperloop One executives
    Hyperloop One rebrands as Virgin Hyperloop One following sizable investment

    The CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, may have initially proposed the idea of the Hyperloop, but the legendary entrepreneur only began work on his own Hyperloop system recently after offering the idea to the world a four years ago as an open-source project of sorts. In the meantime, a...

  • Hyperloop One concept drawing
    Tesla CEO Elon Musk now plans to build his own Hyperloop

    Although Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk originally birthed the idea of the Hyperloop, the entrepreneur was never officially tied to one particular Hyperloop project. Instead, other start-up companies borrowed Musk's blueprint and got to work on the concept. However, it seems Musk has had a change...

  • Hyperloop One concept drawing
    Elon Musk's Boring Company merges with Hyperloop for NY to DC transport

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk, ever the visionary, says he received "verbal approval" from the United States government to build a Hyperloop through New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. Musk's claim also references his latest venture, The Boring Company, merging it with his proposed...

  • Hyperloop One concept drawing

    The Hyperloop dreamed up by Elon Musk, and enabled by 1800s pneumatic banking technology, is still in the testing phases. It represents a potentially faster and safer way to cover long distances without relying on traditional fuels and transportation methods. Musk is also in love with another means of altering the flow of traffic, and his interest has been piqued in a rather boring way. Actually, that would be Boring with a capital B because that's the name applied to Musk's tunnel boring adventure. Musk has a machine used to create tunnels, and he's making some experimental underground...

  • Hyperloop One concept drawing for system bridging Abu Dhabi and Dubai
    This is what the first Hyperloop might be like

    Hyperloop One, one of two leading firms attempting to develop a working Hyperloop high-speed transport system first proposed by Tesla [NSDQ:TSLA] CEO Elon Musk in 2013, has provided a look at what traveling by Hyperloop might be like. Of most interest to fans following the development of the...

  • Hyperloop One first full-scale test
    Hyperloop One releases video of first full-scale test

    On Wednesday, one of the companies racing to develop an operational Hyperloop system successfully completed its first full-scale test. The company, Hyperloop One (formerly Hyperloop Technologies), has now released a video showing the test. The test involved a metal sled being accelerated down a...

  • Hyperloop One test site in Nevada
    First full-scale Hyperloop test is a success

    Progress surrounding development of the Hyperloop high-speed transport system originally proposed by Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] CEO Elon Musk took a major step forward today with a full-scale test taking place outside Las Vegas, Nevada. Doing the testing was Hyperloop One (formerly Hyperloop...

  • Hyperloop Technologies takes delivery of a tube for testing
    Hyperloop firm taps auto industry to develop transport tech

    One of the companies looking to turn Elon Musk's "Hyperloop" dream into reality wants to tap into the auto industry for experienced engineers. "This is real. This is happening," said Brogan BamBrogan, CTO and co-founder of Hyperloop Technology Inc, in a talk at the 2016 SAE World Congress...

  • Hyperloop concept - Image via Hyperloop Transportation Technologies
    First full-scale Hyperloop could be built in Europe

    Since Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] CEO Elon Musk first proposed the "Hyperloop" concept in 2013, multiple companies have arisen to try to make this futuristic transportation system a reality. But the first commercial Hyperloop may not be in the United States. The Hyperloop debuted with the tagline "San...

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