California-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies showed off the design of its future passenger pod on Tuesday. Called the "Quintero One," the pod was revealed in Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain, which HTT's manufacturing partner, Carbures, calls home.

After showing off its creation to the world, HTT will now send the pod to its European headquarters in France for additional assembly. While we now have an idea of what the Hyperloop pod looks like, HTT didn't exactly specify full details such as passenger capacity and powertrain. However, the company said Quintero One measures 105 feet long and the passenger cabin measures 50 feet long.

As for seating arrangements, HTT said to think of the pod as an airplane without wings. Thus, the pod likely holds enough seats for perhaps 100 riders, maybe fewer. 

The video above also notes that HTT worked with the firm PriestmanGoode to develop the capsule, and that its skin is made from a new material called vibranium, which appears to be a woven material like carbon fiber and also happens to be a fictional material from the "Iron Man" movies. PriestmanGoode has worked with the airline and train industries.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies passenger pod

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies passenger pod

The name Quintero One comes from a Spanish surname that means "fifth." It's unclear why HTT chose the name, but Elon Musk famously called Hyperloop a fifth form of transportation years ago.

HTT previously said it had begun building a Hyperloop test track at its France headquarters this past April. The track will span 0.62 miles (1 kilometer) outside of its research and development center. When completed, it will be the first Hyperloop test track in Europe. However, HTT has lagged behind other rival companies. Virgin Hyperloop One has already tested its prototypes and reached 240 mph, though the tests weren't to scale. The technology Musk laid out when sharing the idea for Hyperloop with the world said the pods should reach 670 mph. Both companies have a long way to go.

But, HTT is confident Quintero One will begin transporting passengers before the end of 2019. Where? We don't know. HTT previously said it could build its first Hyperloop system to in the U.S. to connect Chicago to Cleveland.