The Hyperloop dreamed up by Elon Musk, and enabled by 1800s pneumatic banking technology, is still in the testing phases. It represents a potentially faster and safer way to cover long distances without relying on traditional fuels and transportation methods. Musk is also in love with another means of altering the flow of traffic, and his interest has been piqued in a rather boring way. Actually, that would be Boring with a capital B because that's the name applied to Musk's tunnel boring adventure.

Musk has a machine used to create tunnels, and he's making some experimental underground pathways below the SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles. According to The Verge, it seems that Elon might be considering combining the idea of the Hyperloop with his new found passion for tunnels. This would give your average subway stop a serious upgrade in terms of transit times.

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The story started with a Tweet from Musk with a picture of a drilling machine at work under the SpaceX headquarters. When a follower asked if Musk was thinking of combining Hyperloop and tunnels to create a transportation revolution, he replied with another Tweet that simply said "Maybe."

Now, we don't expect to see Musk attempting a Hyperloop-carrying tunnel between major cities but perhaps a slower-speed version could shuttle folks around a metropolitan area. The tunnels needed for that already exist in the form of subway systems, but some massive engineering and overhauling (not to mention investment) would be required to convert it all to running on air pressure.

Either way, we're interested in following along on Musk's Boring adventure.