• Ferrari Arno XI race boat (Photo by DuPont Registry)

    Back in the 1950s, Ferrari was chasing speed records on water with the Arno XI.

  • Rotary Power International Model 2116R rotary engine
    A 2-rotor, 11.6-liter rotary diesel engine was almost a thing

    A rotary engine with over 1,000 horsepower was designed for marine applications but the idea never took off.

  • Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 yacht
    Lamborghini yacht is the supercar of the seas

    Lamborghini has teamed up with the Italian Sea Group to launch a yacht inspired by supercars. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2021. The new yacht is called Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63, in reference to the automaker's 1963 founding, and it borrows styling elements from a number Lamborghini...

  • Cigarette Racing Tirranna
    Cigarette Racing's new AMG-inspired boat has 6 engines and 2,700 horsepower

    Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing are back with a new performance-oriented boat—one capable of reaching 80 mph.

  • Salomé Yachts Atlantic
    Bugatti designer's yacht pays homage to legendary Atlantic coupe

    Bugatti designer Etienne Salomé is lending his name—and expertise—to a new yacht company. The company is Salomé Yachts, and its first creation is the Atlantic, named for the classic Bugatti coupe of the same name. The Atlantic is very much a toy rather than a practical...

  • 2019 Lexus LY 650 yacht
    The outrageous Lexus LY 650 yacht will retail for $3.74 million

    The Lexus LY 650 yacht starts at $3.74 million and buyers can option it up to $4.85 million.

  • 2019 Lexus LY 650 yacht

    Lexus is expanding into the world of luxury yachts and the first is due out in late 2019.

  • 2019 Lexus LY 650 yacht
    65-foot yacht unveiled as latest Lexus flagship

    Lexus has been dropping hints about entering the private yacht game over the past couple of years and on Friday it finally confirmed it with the reveal of the LY 650, a 65-foot luxury yacht billed as the automaker's fourth flagship. The others are the LC coupe, LS sedan and LX SUV. The LY 650...

  • Watercar Panther
    Prodrive chief wants to build an amphibious car

    Prodrive, the Britain-based company known for building race cars and most recently supporting Subaru's record-setting run up the Transfăgărășan highway, has aquatic plans in its future. The company's boss, David Richards, wants to build an amphibious car. Richards said...

  • Toyota sponsors Energy Observer autonomous hydrogen-powered boat
    Toyota supports hydrogen-powered autonomous boat

    Toyota is one of a few major automakers that has thrown its weight behind hydrogen as a future fuel source, and the Japanese firm is taking its learnings around the globe and to the open seas. Toyota announced last week that it will support the Energy Observer, a hydrogen-powered autonomous boat...

  • Jaguar Vector Racing break marine electric speed record
    Jaguar breaks electric boat speed record

    Breaking a speed record on land is a remarkable achievement. Breaking a speed record on water ups the ante more than a few notches because it introduces a number of dangerous factors and water adds immense drag. Jaguar has just added a maritime speed record to its resume with an electric boat...

  • Volvo has created self-docking boat tech
    Volvo has created self-docking boat tech

    Anyone can drive a boat. Out on the open sea, you throttle up and keep the bow pointed along a given heading. Hopefully, you'll arrive at your destination with enough time left for a dock-side drink and congenial chitchat with your fellow water lovers. The hard part of the journey, however, occurs...

  • BMW to support Malizia yacht racing team

    BMW is taking to the world's oceans to support the sailor Boris Herrmann on a trip around the globe. Herrmann will solo-pilot the Malizia in the Vendée Globe yacht race. The global race will kick off in 2020, and BMW is providing technical and engineering support for Herrmann and the Malizia team's founder, Pierre Casiraghi. Specifically, BMW will tap knowledge from its i division and vehicles for materials and drive systems. The yacht will be a 60-foot long vessel. The size has given BMW engineers quite the challenge as they understand where the right materials will work best. BMW...

  • Aston Martin and Triton's Project Neptune submersible
    Holy Neptune: Aston Martin has designed a submarine

    Aston Martin is taking its design and engineering to the open waters. The British luxury marque announced Wednesday it has completed the design for a submersible vehicle. The submersible, called Project Neptune, will be built with Triton Submarines. The two companies have worked together since last...

  • Dynamiq 165 GTT
    Dynamiq is back with another super yacht: GTT 165

    Last year, Porsche Design created an impressively styled yacht for ship builder Dynamiq. The 115-foot GTT tugged at the wallets and hearts of the Monaco jet set. NowDynamiq has gone bigger. Allow us to introduce you to the GTT 165. Besides it's stand-out styling, the Dynamiq GTT 165 is special...

  • Lexus L42 LF-1 Yacht
    Lexus plans to put a yacht into production

    In January 2017, luxury automaker Lexus dipped its toe into the waters of the luxury yacht world. The Lexus Sport Yacht concept racked up accolades in the boating world, not to mention hand-raising amongst the well-heeled who could afford to purchase such a machine. The concept boat was just that...

  • 2018 Cigarette Racing 515 Project One with the Mercedes-AMG Project One
    Cigarette Racing 515 Project One is a 3,100-horsepower, hypercar-inspired boat

    Mercedes-AMG's Project One hypercar, which is set to transition from concept to production this year, has served as the inspiration for the latest speedboat from AMG's partner on the seas, Cigarette Racing. The Miami-Dade County-based company used this week's 2018 Miami International Boat Show to...

  • Norwegian Cruise ship's Ferrari go-kart track
    This cruise ship has a Ferrari go-kart track on its top deck

    Looking for a car-themed vacation? Look no further. No only does this Norwegian cruise ship whisk its passengers to the wide open sea, but it offers solace for those who can't go a day without a bit of motorsport by housing a Ferrari F1 inspired go-kart track on the top deck. Yes, you can race...

  • Palmer Johnson Niniette 66 inspired by Bugatti Chiron

    Every good piece of ultra-exotic automotive machinery needs a matching boat. This is how you manage to separate the wealthy pretenders from the actually mega-rich spenders. Lots of folks can plunk down the change for the latest hypercar. Far fewer can also drop the massive amounts of money required to purchase, maintain, and operate a yacht. The Bugatti Chiron is the latest and greatest in the world of insane performance, and it boasts the requisite price tag required for one to dabble in opulence. Those well-heeled buyers might also like to get their heels wet, which is where Palmer Johnson...

  • 2017 Cigarette Racing 50’ Marauder AMG inspired by the 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT R
    Cigarette Racing celebrates Mercedes-AMG’s 50th with GT R-inspired speedboat

    The folks at Florida's Cigarette Racing build some of the coolest-looking speedboats in the business, and the coolest of them all is the Marauder series. Stretching 51 feet and 7 inches in length, these come with not one but two top-of-the-line Mercury Racing V-8 engines delivering a combined 3,100...

  • Lexus Sport Yacht concept
    Lexus brings its luxury lifestyle to the water with Sport Yacht concept

    Many luxury car owners also love aquatic motoring, er, boating. Actually, it's probably fair to say that they prefer the term "yachting," depending on what size craft they pilot around their local river, sound, lake, sea, or ocean. Automakers like Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin understand this...

  • Mercedes-Benz Style "Silver Arrow of the Seas"
    Mercedes tests waters with new yacht concept

    Mercedes-Benz has dropped the anchor on a new concept—only it isn't meant to storm an autobahn. The Arrow460-Granturismo, which is referred to as the "Silver Arrow of the Seas" and developed by Mercedes-Benz Style, the design consulting division of the German automaker, is a 46-foot...

  • Quintessence Yachts AM37
    Aston Martin-inspired luxury yacht ready to hit the water

    If 007 needs to hit the water in the next James Bond movie, don’t be surprised if he does so in the new AM37 from Quintessence Yachts. The company recently enlisted the help of the Aston Martin’s new consulting business to develop a yacht inspired by the historic British sports car...

  • Benetti Fisker 50 concept
    Italy’s Benetti unveils Henrik Fisker-designed luxury yacht

    Now that he’s no longer trying to start his own automaker, Henrik Fisker is back doing what he does best: designing things. Recently, he’s been designing coachbuilt cars for the likes of Galpin and VLF. Now it’s been revealed Fisker has designed a luxury yacht for Italy’s...

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