In January 2017, luxury automaker Lexus dipped its toe into the waters of the luxury yacht world. The Lexus Sport Yacht concept racked up accolades in the boating world, not to mention hand-raising amongst the well-heeled who could afford to purchase such a machine.

The concept boat was just that, however: a conceptual design with no actual production plans to back it up. Now Lexus has plans for a different production-ready yacht that builds on the knowledge gained from the concept boat. It should hit the water in the second half of 2019.

The original Sport Yacht concept was a 42-foot sleek luxury cruiser, powered by a pair of 5.0-liter V-8 engines that produce a combined 873 horsepower. With the dual mills under the deck, the Sport Yacht was said to rip along the surface at 43 knots. Impressive figures, but Lexus is thinking bigger for its next on-sea adventure.

Lexus L42 LF-1 Yacht

Lexus L42 LF-1 Yacht

We don't know what sort of engines will be used or what the cost might be, be we do know the length. Lexus said it will build a 65-foot sport fly-bridge cruiser through its Toyota Marine Division. This is a partnership project, with help from yacht builders Marquis-Larson. The first market will be the US, in the second half of next year; Japanese yacht lovers will get their shot at buying one in the spring of 2020.

With more length than the 42-foot concept yacht, the new boat will include luxury staterooms and ample space to entertain up to 15 guests. Lexus will utilize its Mobility Services platform to offer security, remote diagnostics, and smartphone integration. The automaker clearly aims to provide Lexus-like luxury but in a far larger package—and on the water.

We'd be surprised if the 5.0-liter engines are utilized on this larger boat. However, we'd love to be proven wrong, and we'll volunteer to test the ship when it's available.