Every good piece of ultra-exotic automotive machinery needs a matching boat.

This is how you manage to separate the wealthy pretenders from the actually mega-rich spenders. Lots of folks can plunk down the change for the latest hypercar. Far fewer can also drop the massive amounts of money required to purchase, maintain, and operate a yacht.

The Bugatti Chiron is the latest and greatest in the world of insane performance, and it boasts the requisite price tag required for one to dabble in opulence. Those well-heeled buyers might also like to get their heels wet, which is where Palmer Johnson steps in. The boat builder makes sporty yachts, and its latest renderings show an ocean-going vessel fit for a king that loves French Racing Blue.

The 66-foot Niniette 66 represents a collaboration between Palmer Johnson and Bugatti that began in 2015. The name goes back much further, all the way to Ettiore Bugatti himself, who built a boat himself and named it Niniette after the pet name he used for his youngest daughter Lidia.

Palmer Johnson Niniette 66 yacht inspired by Bugatti

Palmer Johnson Niniette 66 yacht inspired by Bugatti

While we wish the Niniette 66 luxury yacht came packing a W-16 engine, we're happy to report that it's V-8 marine engine will be available in 1,000- or 1,200-horsepower flavors. That's enough to get the beautiful beast up to its top speed of 44 knots.

The Niniette 66's design is inspired by the Chiron, with the signature C-shape along the sides being the most obvious nod to the road car. The hull design uses a slender main hull flanked by two sponsons that aid stability and roll dampening, even at high speeds. It will also be able to manage pretty much any port since it has a draft of just four feet, meaning it can navigate in water as shallow as four feet. Extensive use of carbon fiber adds to the yacht's structural rigidity.

As you'd expect, the cabin and staterooms are pure luxury. You'll find a fire pit situated next to a Jacuzzi. After soaking in the tub, you should probably head to the champagne bar to freshen up a bit before strolling off the dock and into what we'll assume to be downtown Monaco. Below deck is a large salon seating area and a master suite with a double bed.

There's no price tag attached to this one. This is absolutely a case in which you'll only learn the price to tell your accountant where to wire the funds.