Lexus is expanding into the world of luxury yachts and the first model designed for the open seas is the LY 650, a 65-footer boasting the brand's L-finesse design language and typical high build quality.

The first examples are now under construction at Marquis Yachts and due for completion in late 2019. A video released on Monday by the Pulaski, Wisconsin-based boat builder provides a look at the craftsmanship that goes into each example.

Each LY 650 has around 30 dedicated individuals working on it, including some staff brought in from Lexus. The hull is fiberglass and will be big enough to house three large bedrooms and several entertainment and lounge areas.

The LY 650's powertrain isn't a Lexus unit, though. It isn't from Toyota or one of the Japanese auto giant's truck divisions, either. Instead, the LY 650 will run a powertrain sourced from marine engines expert Volvo Penta, part of the Volvo trucking group. The standard setup is a pair of 12.8-liter inline-6 IPS 1200 diesel engines, each good for about 900 horsepower. Those seeking greater performance will be able to opt for the IPS 1350 version of the engine which ups the power to 1,000 hp.

Anyone looking to own a LY 650 will need around $3.5 million, though this can fluctuate depending on options.