Last year, Porsche Design created an impressively styled yacht for ship builder Dynamiq.

The 115-foot GTT tugged at the wallets and hearts of the Monaco jet set. NowDynamiq has gone bigger. Allow us to introduce you to the GTT 165.

Besides it's stand-out styling, the Dynamiq GTT 165 is special because it boasts tech never before found on a yacht of this size. At the rear of the ship you'll find a hull vane, while a hydrofoil t-foil sits on the forward portion of the underside. These two help provide lift as the GTT 165 picks up speed. That results in a reduction of drag and a higher possible top speed compared to other super yachts out on the water.

Dynamiq says the GTT 165 is capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean while cruising at 17 knots. There's even a more powerful GTS version that will see speeds of up to 25 knots. A pair of MTU marine engines provide all of the thurst to get this super yacht up and ripping through the ocean. The GTT features a pair of V-8 MTU units, with each one producing 1,250 horsepower. In the more powerful GTS, you'll find a pair of V-16 engines and each one of those is generating 2,400 horsepower.

All of that power needs to be fed with a lot of fuel, which is why the GTT has a tank that holds 13,210 gallons. It will certainly not be cheap to fill this one up at the local marine fuel pump station. But if you've just spent $30,000,000, what's another $60,000 or so in fuel costs. That asking price, by the way, is before any applicable taxes or options are added in.

And there will be plenty of options. Buyers can opt for either a five- or six-cabin layout, with another five smaller cabins available for the nine crew members you'll need on hand to operate the GTT. If all of that sounds good to you, give the ship builder 28 months lead time and then you'll be the toast of pretty much any seaport on the planet.

And you have a larger statement piece than your friends who bought the smaller Aston Martin yacht, Mercedes-Benz yacht, or even the Bugatti yacht.