Mercedes-Benz has dropped the anchor on a new concept—only it isn't meant to storm an autobahn.

The Arrow460-Granturismo, which is referred to as the "Silver Arrow of the Seas" and developed by Mercedes-Benz Style, the design consulting division of the German automaker, is a 46-foot, 960-horsepower yacht capable of seating up to 10 people.

It was designed in partnership with Silver Arrows Marine, a high-end British firm.

Mercedes says the vessel's materials are what make it really stand out. Eucalyptus wood is used liberally on the interior.

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Mercedes-Benz Style

Mercedes-Benz Style

The automaker's Magic Sky technology, which can tint glass to a darker shade at the press of a button, is also featured.

As you might expect for something with the three-pointed star, the Arrow460-Granturismo is dripping with luxury. It contains a separate bathroom, air conditioning and even a wine cellar.

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There aren't many links beyond the Magic Sky glass between the sporting yacht and Mercedes' cars, however, so don't expect a modern Amphicar to come any time soon.

Exactly what Mercedes expects to do with the Arrow460-Granturismo is up for some debate. For now, it appears the yacht is merely a showcase of what Mercedes-Benz Style is capable of doing for well-heeled clients, most of which will probably be commercial. Previously, we've seen the decision work on everything from helicopters to apartment interiors.


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