• Aston Martin Vanquish 25

    Former Jaguar designer Ian Callum has resurfaced just months after his retirement with a new take on the early 2000s Aston Martin Vanquish.

  • 2002 Mini Cooper
    McLaren design boss Frank Stephenson rumored to rejoin Mini

    Owners of the first generation of the modern Mini should be doing a happy dance today, because if a certain rumor is true the man behind the iconic, retro-inspired design could be coming home to the brand. Motoringfile, a site exclusively focused on Mini-related news, is reporting a rumor that...

  • Ex-David Beckham Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson
    David Beckham's old Ford F-150 headed for auction

    You may not be able to bend it like Beckham, but you can now drive the soccer superstar's old F-150 if you're the lucky high bidder. A Ford F-150 that was first owned by David Beckham is headed to auction held on the sidelines of an all-Ford car show in the United Kingdom. ALSO SEE: Rare Ferrari...

  • 2002 BMW 3-Series 330Ci
    2002-2005 BMW 3-Series Recalled For Faulty Tail Lights

    This has been a bad week for BMW recalls. Having just recalled its 2009 X5 xDrive35d diesel model for a fuel heater fault, the automaker is now recalling certain 3-Series models from the 2002 to 2005 model years. The particular models including the 325i, 325xi, 330i and 330xi, of which there are...

  • Cadillac Biarritz
    Guilty Pleasure: 1980-85 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

    Sorry about the lateness of this installment of Guilty Pleasures; I got dragged off to some madness in Michigan and am only now getting caught up on my worship of cars I shouldn't want but do want. Cadillac made many such vehicles beginning in the late 1960s, when pursuit of market share took...

  • Opel Astra Cabrio teaser
    Opel Astra Cabrio Teased, U.S. Launch Rumored

    We’ve been reporting about a convertible version of the latest-generation Opel Astra sold in Europe since 2009 but news concerning the car never really heated up until last month when reports emerged suggesting that the car, along with the recently revealed Opel Astra GTC sports hatch, could...

  • U.S.-spec 2012 Fiat 500c

    The Fiat 500 Cabrio, or 500c for short, has been around since 2006 but at this week’s 2011 New York Auto Show the wraps came off the U.S.-spec version of the cutesy open-top minicar. Like its European cousin, the 500c gets a slide-back canvas roof that mimics the design on the original Nuova Cinquecento from the 1950s (pictured). Because of the top's unique design, it can be operated at speeds of up to 60 mph, unlike a typical retracting-lid type top. It's power operated, so a single button press opens and closes the rig. Press the roof button again, and the roof will neatly fold all...

  • 1970 Mercury Cougar XR7
    Rogue Muscle Car Invades President George W. Bush's Front Lawn

    Being an ex-U.S. President must be great. A lifetime stipend, Secret Service bodyguards, muscle cars screaming across your front lawn at all hours of the night. Err, what? Late Wednesday evening a rogue muscle car ran off the road ending up in former President George W. Bush's front lawn. The...

  • 1966 Lincoln Continental
    No New Continental in Lincoln's Future

    Ford [NYSE:F] is damping speculation that it's developing a new flagship sedan in the mold of the former Lincoln Continental. The Continental was one of the signature vehicles in the Lincoln lineup from the 1930s through the 1970s--the mini-brand was sold under its own nameplate, before it became...

  • Original Batmobile replica
    Replica Of Original Batmobile Up For Sale In UK

    A tribute to one of the most iconic and distinctive film cars of all time, the original Batmobile, will be the highlight of an auction taking place in the UK on June 2. The faithfully re-created car has been owned by Mark Perkins since it was completed in 1988 and is expected to raise the highest...

  • 1994 Ford Escort RS Cosworth
    1994 Ford Escort RS Cosworth On eBay

    The Ford Escort Cosworth RS is a super-rare find in the U.S.

  • Rolls Royce Corniche
    Nicholas Cage Loses Sleep (And Cash) Over 2002 Rolls Royce Corniche

    We do not, as a rule, revel in the misfortunes of others. We don't enjoy kicking folks when they're down, or pointing and laughing as cruel Mistress Fortuna sets up phony traffic cones to direct them off the yellow brick road and down some back alley in Queens. It's just not our style. Correction...

  • Porsche Panamera Convertible preview rendering

    Carmakers love to build as many models as possible from a single platform as this helps them spread initial investment costs, as well as risk, that can often run up into the billions of dollars. This is especially true for smaller carmakers with limited budgets and low production volumes. Case in point is Porsche, which is now eying a convertible version of the 2010 Panamera sedan. According to Porsche’s R&D chief, Wolfgang Dürheimer, the Panamera platform has great development potential for other bodystyles. Dürheimer first revealed the information during an interview with Auto...

  • 2002 Lincoln Continental
    ScarJo Mad! ScarJo Smash (A Lincoln Continental)!

    HELLO, PEOPLE OF EARTH: I am Scarlett Johansson, and yes, I am stunning. Thank you for noticing. (Never mind that I totally lifted my cat-eyes and my up-do from Deneuve circa The Hunger. Like, who would know that? Who was even born then? Old people with their complaining, that's who.) As I was...

  • Replica Animal House Deathmobile on eBay
    eBay Find: Animal House Deathmobile Replica, Buy It Now For $12,500

    The Animal House Deathmobile movie car is up for sale.

  • 2010 Audi S4
    Supercharged 2010 Audi S4 Sedan Starts From $45,900

    Audi announced pricing today for the 2010 model year Audi S4, A5 Cabrio and S5 Cabrio.

  • 2010 mercedes benz e class cabrio spy shots february 005
    Spy shots: Mercedes Benz E-Class Cabrio takes to the 'Ring

    The previous Mercedes Benz CLK is something of an enigma - built around the C-Class platform, styled like the E-Class, and priced in between the two, the car sits in its own unique segment and has no direct competition from its rivals. Its sales history has been a strong success, especially in the...

  • 2010 Opel Astra
    New Opel Astra Cabrio in the works

    With Opel’s new Astra now out in the open, attention can turn to variants other than the regular five-door Hatchback that’s been plastered all over the web in recent months. While a new Wagon and sporty Coupe are almost certain, latest reports indicate that a stylish Cabrio model will...

  • Mercedes Benz CLK Cabrio

    While production of the CLK Coupe ceased back in January, the CLK Cabrio has been rolling off the Karmann factory floor in Osnabrück, Germany, right up until today. Karmann is an independent vehicle manufacturer specializing in convertible models and has built a number of cars for major automakers like Mercedes Benz and Audi. Unfortunately for Karmann, the global economic crisis has hit it hard, causing a number of manufacturing contracts to dry up. This has led to the company filing for bankruptcy and as of Monday next week no more production will be taking place at Karmann until it can...

  • Caractere Audi A5 Cabrio
    Caractere enhances Audi’s A5 Cabrio range with new styling kit

    Unlike many of their competitors, the Belgians at Caractere don't do the European version of tacky, flashy tuner cars. Instead, they focus on adding minor enhancements that give the owner a unique look without clamoring for attention. The design program for the Audi A5 Cabrio offers a range of...

  • Newport Convertible Engineering Mercedes Benz CL Cabrio
    Californian coachbuilder offers Mercedes CL convertible conversion

    Mercedes Benz has hinted at the development of a convertible version of its CL flagship as far back as 2007 but still today there is no such model in the automaker’s lineup. Customers tired of waiting can still purchase a CL Cabrio thanks to the guys at California’s Newport Convertible...

  • AC Schnitzer Mini Cooper Cabrio R57
    AC Schnitzer's sportier take on the Mini Cooper Cabrio

    Mini's aren't exactly known for their aggressive or sporty styling, instead choosing to adopt a more 'cute' appearance at the behest of its designers. German tuning house AC Schnitzer, however, didn't agree with Mini’s original design theme and instead unveiled a new kit for the R57 Cooper...

  • Gemballa Avalanche GTR 650 EVO-R
    Gemballa expands Avalanche GTR family with 650hp Porsche 911 Turbo Cabrio

    German Porsche specialists Gemballa has come out with a number of extensive modifications over the past couple of years under its 'Avalanche' heading, including the blistering 850hp (634kW) GTR 800 EVO-R based on the 911 Turbo. The tuner has also released lower powered variants with...

  • ABT AS5 Audi A5 Cabrio
    ABT Sportsline adds AS5 package to new A5 Cabrio

    ABT Sportsline is a long-time Audi tuner with very close ties to the German carmaker’s motorsport division. The firm was recently enlisted by Audi to help develop its R8 LMS race car and the experience gained from the high-level of engineering and testing that went into the car has now been...

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