Unlike many of their competitors, the Belgians at Caractere don't do the European version of tacky, flashy tuner cars. Instead, they focus on adding minor enhancements that give the owner a unique look without clamoring for attention.

The design program for the Audi A5 Cabrio offers a range of front and rear fascias, side skirts and a roof spoiler. The new pieces are designed to fit and enhance the newly introduced drop-top, with special pieces for the high-performance S5 model.

An exhaust kit is also available, but only on non-quattro models, while the two-piece front spoiler kit only works on non-S-line models. Wheels in both 19 and 20in sizes are available as part of the program, though since it's a piecemeal system, you can always opt for your own if Caractere's designs don't suit your tastes.

Overall, the result is surprisingly tasteful, and a definite step outside the norm for the latest round of German car body kits. For more of Caractere's work, check out the firm's design program for the Audi A5 and S5 Coupes by clicking here.