1970 Mercury Cougar XR7

1970 Mercury Cougar XR7

Being an ex-U.S. President must be great. A lifetime stipend, Secret Service bodyguards, muscle cars screaming across your front lawn at all hours of the night. Err, what?

Late Wednesday evening a rogue muscle car ran off the road ending up in former President George W. Bush's front lawn.

The driver was visiting a friend in Bush's gated community to show off his Mercury Cougar (not a Plymouth Barracuda as originally reported). Upon leaving the friend's house, he claims the gas pedal became stuck, leading to his impromptu--and fortunately injury-free--gardening session.

Authorities have the driver in custody, though they believe the man had no intention of harming the President or his wife. Just intention to do some real 'Merkin-style burnouts, y'know?

Now that is how you do a sticky accelerator pedal. Toyota, eat your heart out.