'Tis the season for automotive apps, it seems, with every carmaker under the sun releasing a game, owner's manual, or something else for Apple's ubiquitous gadgets (and a few others, of course). The latest? Aston Martin's 'Explore' app, designed to taunt you with all the hot hardware you can't have.

The basic premise of the app: it displays Aston's gorgeous cars, weaves in the firm's history, and even takes you on a tour of the Gaydon HQ. Updates down the road promise to add even more functionality and features to the list.

Not that the list is all that short at present: beyond the visual, the app offers an "acoustically accurate" acelerometer to simulate the throaty, burbling note of a genuine Aston exhaust with fidelity.

Explore is available for free in the iTunes App Store now.

[Aston Martin via SocialCarNews]