National Lampoon's Animal House is a monument to college life and chock full of moving metal, including the "Eat Me" float, a 1959 Chevrolet Corvette, a suicide-rear-doored 1964 Lincoln Continental, a 1962 Dodge Custom 880 Police cruiser, the wacky 1948 Crosley Sport Utility Sedan/pickup, and, of course, the crashed and battered Lincoln Continental converted into the Deathmobile. Unfortunately the car up for sale on eBay this weekend isn't that car, but a replica that's changed hands several times over the last few years, at prices up to $20,000. So is it worth the asking price of $12,500?

Though it's not the one used and abused in the movie, and the bronze hood ornament isn't the movie car's decapitated-statue-head of Emil Faber, it was once part of the Barris Star Car Collection, and is now a part of the Roberts Collection. The movie was set in the fall of 1962, but it was filmed in 1978, and underneath the Deathmobile Turret lies a 1966 Lincoln Continental sporting a 340-horsepower 462-cubic-inch V-8 engine. The turret itself features a roof-top hatch and a prop whistle, while the lower portion is made of tinted plexiglass so the driver can see where they're going.

What do you think? Is this a great piece of replica automobilia or ultimately destined for a weedy patch in the nearest junkyard?