General Motors Company’s [NYSE:GM] European unit Opel is set to unveil a sports car concept at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The new concept will use Opel’s GT nameplate and from some teaser shots we know it takes inspiration from the concept that spawned the original GT sports car of the 1960s.

If you’re usually nervous about handing over the keys to your pride and joy to a valet, you’re not going to like one of the stories making headlines today. It’s about a Lamborghini Aventador that caught fire after the valet took it for a quick joyride.

Audi’s second-generation R8 is ready for its market launch. While we're happy the base R8 V10 is priced the same as the outgoing model, with the V-8 option no longer around you now need more than $160k for the Audi supercar.

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