Italian exotic car fans, get ready to head to Fandango to search schedules and buy tickets. According to Variety, there's a movie in the works that's set to tell Ferruccio Lamborghini's story. If you don't know who Ferruccio Lamborghini is... well, we can't really help you there.

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We don't have much in the way of details just yet, but it seems that production company Ambi Group has acquired the rights to Ferruccio's life story. The plot will focus on Lamborghini's start in building tractors, his later move into the creation of wartime vehicles, and finally birth of Automobili Lamborghini. Production should begin sometime this summer but we have no clue who is attached to star.

We do know that we want to see an Italian car company movie showdown though. There's an Enzo Ferrari movie coming out soon, so it's not totally shocking that one covering the life of Lamborghini would be far behind.


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