Last August, we reported that Christian Bale was tapped to portray Enzo Ferrari in an upcoming biopic. The film would see Bale starring in the titular role covering a specific time in the Prancing Horse patriarch's life. Now, though, it seems Christian has to back away from the role, which Variety reports is due to health concerns. It seems the required weight gain necessary here is just too unhealthy, which is a shame because we'd love to see what the Oscar-winning actor could bring to the table here.

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Bale has shown tremendous range with respect to his weight in the past. Go look up pics of his character from The Machinist, then remember he was also a seriously buff Batman. Director Michael Mann needed Bale to gain a certain amount of weight by spring of this year, but the pace required from Christian would be too much. Mann will now find a new leading man to become Enzo.

The movie is still moving forward, of course, and it's slated to show Ferrari during the highly difficult year of 1957. We say it was difficult, but that's an understatement. That year saw a Ferrari 335S race car lose a tire during the Mille Miglia. The car careened into the crowd where it killed both the driver, co-driver and nine spectators. Enzo and his company were put on trial for manslaughter but the case was ultimately dismissed.


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