In 2007, there was a car-themed movie called Redline that was simply terrible. It’s the one that had a promotional event where one of the actors, comedian Eddie Griffin, ended up crashing a Ferrari Enzo.

Well, what many may not know is that the Redline name was previously used as a working title for 2001’s The Fast and the Furious, and at one point was even considered to be the name of the pivotal movie.

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Some rare behind-the-scenes footage has turned up and is a must-see for any fan of the blockbuster franchise. It features interviews with the cast and crew who all refer to the movie as Redline. It’s a buzz to see how young the cast were back then, plus the interviews with Paul Walker are a poignant reminder of the actor’s death.

Some interesting things we learn includes how the famous Race Wars scene was created. It turns out a number of car club members were involved, driving their own cars in the drag races. We also get to see how a few of the stunts were created, like the famous street race scene.

After watching the clip, we bet you'll want to dust off your copy of the movie and relive the old times.


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